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Creating a Wonderful Life

With the holiday season on its way, wouldn’t it be great if you received the gift of the wonderful life of your dreams?  

What if you could have lots of free time, less stress, more money, and great relationships?  

In my years of coaching folks all over the world, I’ve learned a few things about lifestyle design:

Wisdom to be Thankful For

I woke up this morning with a zest to expand my feeling of gratefulness. Well, is not so much to grow as to recognize all the things I am grateful for but haven’t thought about lately.

That’s the thing about living in a fast-paced world where our daily activities, big and small, fly by and are quickly forgotten. It’s always been that way. There is nothing new in the world. That got me thinking about some of my favorite quotes —

Did Your Motivation Get Lost?

Where the heck did my week go? 

With a long weekend in sight, I’m a bit worn our from projects I’ve been working on, but my mind I moving to eating turkey and riding the motorcycle mode.

Monday is coming – right? We can get going again.

Stop Dreaming of Retirement

A few days ago, I stumbled into a conversation with a young man working behind the counter at a store I visited. It didn’t take long before we knew a lot about each other.

He was a student at Emory Riddle Aeronautics University here in Daytona Beach. I run into a lot of those kids. Being a pilot myself, we instantly bonded. Then he asked a question that caused me to pause…

You Don’t Need a WHY

A friend and I were chewing the fat a while back about getting what we wanted out of life. It’s a common topic among my friends and should be among yours. It makes sense; what you focus on is what you get – right?

Reach Your Goal By Staying in The FLOW

I need to pass along a way to achieve your goals faster than you thought possible.

If you are ready for success to arrive, here are three simple rules to help you realize your dreams:

1) Play to your strength. Do what is comfortable for you. Stay in the FLOW.

2) Only commit to activities that will lead you to your goal. Stay in the FLOW.

3) Never let a day pass without reminding yourself of your strengths. Consciously direct your focus. Stay in the FLOW.

You can reach your goals faster when you avoid distractions stranding everybody else, work with your natural talents, and stay in the flow.

Why Thursday is The Best Planning Day

I have a saying –

“Next year begins THIS year, next month begins THIS month, next week begins THIS week, and that happens on a Thursday.” 

If you want to stay on track, accomplish your goals, and enjoy life – you MUST take control of your calendar. 

It’s easier than you think:

1) Life will come at you FAST! Schedule any significant and can’t-miss life event at least one year in advance. Put it on the calendar and block it out. You can always change your mind. And do it on a Thursday.

2) Hold your space. Decide in advance what you will be doing next week. When will you work on projects? When will you see clients? When will you have fun? And do it on a Thursday.

3) Never end one week without locking in your schedule for the next – and stick to it. And do it on a Thursday?

Why Thursday?

Because it allows you to completely relax for the weekend by already knowing what the next week will bring.

The future is always brighter when your day-to-day focus fulfills your goals this week. Focus, my friend. Focus.

Reach Your Dreams By Avoiding Resistance

Does this happen to you?

A great idea pops into your head. Your heart fills with excitement. Nothing can stop you – except that you feel like you are stuck in quicksand. The more you fight, the deeper you sink. The only way out seems to be to give up on your dream – again.

Let’s not do that this time.

Feeling inspired to make a change in your life is terrific. It can also be scary. The result is nearly always feeling a sense of resistance as you move forward.

This happens because your mind is wired to survive. That means avoiding anything bad and seeking everything good. Until you know it’s good for sure, everything is bad.  

Resistance is the automatic result.

When you are ready to act on your inspiration, focus on the good coming and do your best to resist your natural inclination to fall to the evil power of resistance. 

You could say, “It’s about resisting your resistance.”  

Inspiration Without Resistance. That’s how you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Practicing the Focus-Finish-Focus Model

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create more time in your day?  

One way to think about it is to prioritize the projects already on your plate.  

That requires a simple understanding:

1) Working on multiple products simultaneously only delays completing all the projects. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time.

2) What makes this such a great practice is that when you complete a project, not only is it off your plate, but it begins producing your expected results and also frees up time to move on to your next project.

The next time that you are trying to find more time, ask –

“What can I finish right now that will give me more time tomorrow – and every day after that?”

Psychologically speaking, when practicing a focus-finish-focus model; your mind also experiences time differently. In the moment, time seems to be faster. After your projects are completed, your memories expand, and it seems like time has slowed down.

That’s what they call a Mind Warp – and it happens daily.

Opportunity Cost Decision Making

Do you have too many options and are having difficulty choosing?

You may have heard of a concept called “Opportunity Cost.” Some consider it a fancy term for “trade-off.” In other words, every time you choose, there is a trade-off to consider. 

I find it easier to use extreme discrimination to weed out less-than-ideal opportunities. And you can do that with one question –

“Does this opportunity provide the fastest and most direct path to reach my goals?” 

Before we go on, it’s easy to look at almost any opportunity and justify a path, especially if you are being persuaded by someone else.

And Opportunity Cost is not some personal development success hack. It’s actually in your mind as a survival tool. It’s your mind deciding how to expend energy most efficiently. 

What was that question again?

“Does this opportunity provide the fastest and most direct path to reach my goals?” 

If you want to break free from a stalled life, you must eliminate less efficient opportunities.