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Increase Momentum in Your Life

We’ve all been in situations where nobody will return your call. Your email gets ghosted. You can’t get support or commitment for your future world-saving plans.

Increasing Productivity

In Brian Tracy’s book Eat The Big Frog First, he recognized that many people focus on anything but the most critical activity in their life. They are usually surprised when things fall apart.

The Magic of Anticipation

Remember those special events from your childhood that filled you with such excitement that you could barely contain it? The ones that kept you buzzing all day and even stole your sleep at night. 

Give Up Dreams to Get Dreams

Over the years, I’ve found that folks tend to ACT and DO what serves them best. And they do it while dreaming and planning for something else.

Are Your Friends Holding You Back?

If they are positive, you will be positive. Are they negative? You will be negative. If they have money, you will have money. Are they broke?  

Success at The Highest Level

Whether it’s the best Mom or Dad, excelling in your career, or winning at the game or sport of your choice. Being the best always comes down to:

Hierarchy of Your Needs

In 1954, Abraham Maslow released Motivation and Personality. His Hierarchy of needs theory is all about climbing to the top.

10 Questions That Will Change You

Long ago, I realized that life is nothing more than a giant scavenger hunt. Yes, life is full of questions, and it’s long enough for you to figure out all the essential answers. And the winners are the people who figure out the solution you seek.