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Capture Ideas, Unleash Potential

Over the years, I have produced over 10,000 podcasts, and every one begins with the written word. Even though that makes my mouth and fingers my most exercised body parts, it has also given me many opportunities to learn to keep my words flowing.

If you’re like most people, you have found yourself sitting in front of a blank screen, praying for inspiration. It could be writer’s block, procrastination, or you stayed up late watching Netflix. In any case, there’s a simple solution to always having a starting point.

Any project I need to wrap my head around begins by capturing the ideas that flow into my mind throughout the day. Even turning the radio off on a 20-minute drive can provide a treasure-trove of useable nuggets. 

Next, I tucked those ideas away in a safe place without organizing, editing, or re-writing. I grab the thoughts, jot a note or record a memo, put them away, and let them simmer.

When I’m ready to get to work, I take 15 minutes the day before to review my list of creative geniuses, toss out what is not relevant, create a simple outline, and walk away knowing I am ready to begin.

The next day, I can’t wait to sit in front of a blank screen and let the magic flow from my fingertips with complete ease.