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Building Your Bridge to Your Purpose

Changing something about your life is pretty straightforward.

Figure out what you want and change it.

Are you done laughing?

Most folks fall on the way to their dreams because they don’t move, move at the wrong time, or move too fast. That’s why it’s time to build your bridge once you know what you want.

Here’s how:

1) Fortify your current foundation. Save money, pay bills, and do whatever it takes to build a firm and peaceful base.

2) Begin constructing the foundation for your new life. Go to school, network, research, and plan. Do everything in your power to ensure your success with no regret.

3) When you’re ready, leave your past behind, cut off the old, and begin living your new life. Be patient. Wait until you are at least 70% ready to succeed before you cross to the other side. 

Success arrives when you move from a strong TODAY to a stronger TOMORROW. Don’t leap too soon, but don’t delay, either.

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