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Building Your Bridge To Passion

How do I get from here to where I want to go? 

That’s a question you may find yourself asking – especially for the big adventures of life. 

What you need is a dam bridge! 

A few years ago, I was standing atop the Hoover Dam. It’s awe-inspiring—Lake Mead views in one direction and the Colorado River in the other. Below is one of the great engineering marvels in history. But there was something more exciting. New bridge construction high above the canyon walls caught my attention.

Construction was well underway, and I couldn’t help notice how the process is the same as getting what you want in life. There are three elements; two foundations and a span. 

When you want something new, it’s easy to stumble along. If you do that when you’re building a bridge across a canyon, you’ll be in the river before you know it.

The key to creating anything is to build and fortify your current foundation. That means making sure there is a little drama as possible in your life. Save your money, pay your bills, do whatever it takes to create a firm foundation. The starting side of your new life should be a peaceful base.

The next step is to build your foundation on the side where you intend your adventure to take you. That could mean taking classes, learning a new skill, expanding your network, and researching your plan. The goal is to do everything in your power to build a solid foundation for future success.

Little by little, your foundations get more robust, and your future becomes possible. You will sense the time as come to build a span between your two foundations. It’s time to leave the past behind. 

Once you have built your foundations and 70% of your span, it’s time to leap to the other side.

Too early is a false start. Too late is procrastination. Timing is everything.

Build strong, be patient, and let your momentum build. That’s how you turn small steps into significant change.

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