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Breaking Bad Habits Now or Later

How many times have you heard it takes 21 days to create or break a habit? Probably as many times as you’ve tried to make a change to your life.

Creating a new lifestyle is nothing more than applying a different set of actions day-to-day. In doing so, you are forming a mental link that strengthens each time you repeat the action.

The guys in the white coats call this “context-dependent repetition.” It’s a dynamic automatic behavior that saves your brainpower in a busy world. Research has also found that while the common habit-forming time is 66 days, it’s also possible to form a new habit instantly if your belief and desire to change are strong.

How cool is that?

That means you can set a new habit in the next few minutes. If you want bad enough, you can change right now instead of taking 66 days to do it.

I say 21 days is for Blackjack, and 66 days is for ordinary people. You are not ordinary. Why not get it done now and keep moving?

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