Laser Targeted Networking

Scott SmithDaily Boost

Have you ever had a goal that you want but can’t seem to network with the right people? You are not alone.

How about a little hard earned advice about networking for success.

1) Most folks you meet will not result in the advancement you seek. They are most likely in the same place as you. It’s the Law of Averages.

2) Even though they might not be able to help, they may have a circle of influence of importance to you. If so, find a way inside.

3) Following the herd over the cliff and running with the crowd will result in an average experience. One that is likely the creation of another person’s agenda.

4) The best place to find influencers is not amongst the crowd. Try the gym, coffee shop, or hallway. Be creative.

You will find success between the lines of life. Open your eyes and discover your path.