Are Your in Command?

Scott SmithDaily Boost

I like to fly little airplanes.

Over the years I’ve learned a lesson; I don’t have to ask permission to go where I want to go. It’s always up to me to choose my destination.

I’m what the FAA refers to as the Pilot in Command – the Boss of the airplane. I have total control to decide on my goal and plan my journey. I’m also required to tell Air Traffic Control where I’m traveling. Their job is to make sure I arrive safe and sound.

There is no requesting permission and no negotiating. I call ATC on the radio, tell them where I would like to travel, and I’m on my way.

Yes, sometimes ATC will recommend an alternate route, but I always get to my destination.

That sure sounds a lot like life – doesn’t it?

Is today the day that you take command of your journey?

How The Law of Attraction Operates

Scott SmithDaily Boost

I’ve always believed the Law of Attraction should actually be the Law of What You Think About Most.

Like attracts like. What you think about, you get. Period.

If you’re always saying, “I won’t get it because I never do,” you’re right!

If you always dream of a new life while focusing on your current problems that’s all you’ll ever have.

You ALWAYS get what you focus on most – and you might not even be aware of where your attention goes.

Isn’t it time you harness the extraordinary potential of your mind?

Start today with clear focus followed by massive imperfect action.