Personal Brinksmanship

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Brinksmanship. It’s the art or practice of pursuing a policy to the limits of safety before stopping. Are you a Brinksman?

If you want to get what you want in life, you will need to push the envelope to the limits. That requires brinksmanship.

Brinksmanship applies in business and politics. It makes all parties uncomfortable. Only one party will understand the process. The other will feel threatened.

If you want something, it’s very likely somebody or something will stand in your way. Convince them that you will follow through on your promise to succeed no matter what. They will get out of your way.

Brinksmanship takes strategy and courage. Decide what you want. Stick to your plan. Hold onto your courage. Enjoy your success.

Stop The Insanity

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In your entire life, has anybody ever said to you, “it’s good to be a quitter?”

Consider today, the day you received some excellent advice.

Being a good quitter isn’t an excuse. It should never be an option for making things easier. It’s a wise choice when your progress has you going around in circles or stopped.

When your inner-voice begins to sound the warning, listen. There’s no need to wait for the inevitable. Trust yourself and move on as soon as possible.

I see a very good nights sleep in your future!