More Time in Your Day

How would you like more time in your day – or at least to feel that way?

I enjoyed a fantastic weekend that seemed like a month. It was like a vacation as a child seem to last forever.

Wouldn’t it be cool to capture that feeling every day?

It is possible to enjoy your personal time machine when you understand that time is relative. Your perception of time will determine how you experience your day.

Try this:

1) Embrace anticipation. Focus your excitement on what is to come instead of what is in the past.

2) Slow down. Busy for the sake of busy will make time seem to pass quickly. So will life.

3) Introduced LOTS of sensory input for your mind to ponder. Complex thoughts, colorful visuals, even music will make it seem like you day is never ending.


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Reward For Hard Work

Have you ever imagined what life was going to be like when you reach your goals?

What if life never got any easier?

How would you feel then?

The truth is, if you do anything well, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to do more.

That’s how you rise through the ranks of success.

Does that mean you can never slow down?

Only if you blindly chase the next golden nugget.

The trick is to leverage your higher position. Set an expectation of higher pay, more flexibility, fewer hours, and more help as you earn respect. Stand your ground, you don’t want to stay in the trenches forever, right?

Ask for what you want. You deserved it.

What’s Your Internal Motivation?

Where do you get your motivation?
It’s not uncommon for somebody to say, “Motivate me, Scott!”
Let me break this down into two simple rules:
1) External motivation is temporary. It will always lead to frustration and is most likely what you are using right now.
2) Internal motivation is forever. It will always be exciting and is what you are seeking.
Finding your internal motivation is more than knowing why you want something. It’s about feeling excited – even to the point of not being able to hold yourself back.
If you are holding yourself back, while somebody else motivates you, you will never get what you want.
Go inside yourself. That’s where you’ll find the answer.