Always Wear Your Success Seat Belt

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I like simple. Simple works. It gets things done.

Today I would like to share the world simplest success strategy. It will radically transform everything.

Everybody I’ve ever known who enjoyed massive success made a decision. Eliminate distraction and focus on goals. If necessary, strap themselves into their favorite chair and refuse to leave until completed.

Get there faster.

Put your focus in ONE direction until you get what you want.

Preparing For Success

Scott SmithDaily Boost

Every day I hear how one of my clients is building a bridge to a new life.

Did you know?

If you want to change your life, there is likely a gap between here and there. You’re going to need a bridge.

If you desire change, you must honor the foundation that is your current life. There’s no quitting your job or ditching the lease until you have a plan.

You also need to know your destination and start building your new foundation. That could be saving money or going back to school.

The goal is to establish your foundation. Slowly take actions that will draw the two sides closer until they connect. Eventually, you will begin to live your dreams.

Take your time. It’s the journey, not the destination.