Today Not Possible. Tomorrow Possible.

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Today Not Possible.  Tomorrow Possible.

American Taekwondo Grand Master, H.U. Lee gave volumes of advice during his life of service.  In my view, his best was also his shortest:

“Today Not Possible.  Tomorrow Possible.”

Today is a new day.  Yesterday prepared you for today.  If today doesn’t go as planned – you always have tomorrow.

Cycle of Productivity

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A few years ago Steven Covey wrote of the power of taking a break.  He said, “It’s important to sharpen your saw.  No matter how hard you work, you will always cut more wood with a sharp saw.”

My formula for more productivity is this:

1) Live your life with RITUALS.  No winging it.  Figure out your sacred activities and perform them consistently.

2) Take a break.  Give your body and mind the opportunity to REST.  While you gather your energy, you will be to REJUVENATE.

3)  As your mojo returns, REACTIVATE and get moving again on the task in front of you.

4)  Finally, REPEAT your cycle of productivity as long as needed.

Rituals. Rest. Rejuvenate. Reactivate. Repeat.

Let others churn away with marginal results while you set your mind on changing the world.  You’ll get there – as long as you get a little rest along the way.