What One Thing Would Change Everything?

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A few days ago I realized that it had been 17 years since I quit my last full-time job. I also started loving Monday’s again.

Then, out of nowhere, I remembered a question I asked myself all those years ago that propelled me forward.

“What if I blew off everything that I thought I needed to do today. Instead, I performed the one activity that would grow my business, career, happiness, or prosperity. What would you do?”

Now it’s your turn.

What would you do?

Don’t tell me everything is important. That’s not true. Most everything is filler.

So, what is important?

Of course, it’s anything that will your grow your business, career, happiness, or prosperity.

Whoa – I can almost hear the gears in your mind churning from here!

If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands

Scott SmithDaily Boost

I received an email asking, “I know I need to work on myself, but I’m feeling selfish.”

That calls for a dose of ScottLOGIC.

Making your life better requires YOU to be responsible for YOU. You must be selfish. In only best ways.

If you selfishly know what makes you happy, you probably make others happy too.

Be selfish enough to know what you to best and stick to it. You will rock your career and bank balance into the stratosphere. Plus, you’ll be helping a lot of folks along the way.

When you’re selfish enough to take care of yourself, you can take care of others – and be sexxxxxy.

Be selfish enough to know yourself before mixing it up with others. You’ll be the best partner ever.

Be selfish enough to know what you believe. Everybody loves somebody with a depth of belief.

You selfishly took your first breath in life and will let out the last. Why not be control between to two, as well?