Success Tips From Amazon

Scott SmithDaily Boost

Every year, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, delivers a letter to his shareholders. It sure sounds a lot like life.

Even if you’re not in business, focusing on people will keep you honest. Surprise them with something new and exciting. That’s how you keep folks around.

It’s easy to work hard creating a smooth running life and lock yourself into a routine of daily process. Be mindful, not to focus on your process and lose track of the outcome.

Don’t get stuck in your world. Change is always going to occur. If you don’t embrace change, you slip behind.

You must be able to make high-quality decisions faster. Remember, there is no one way to make decisions. Most decisions are reversible if you make a mistake. Decide once you have 70% of the information you need. Wait too long, and you’ll miss the boat.

Interesting reading. Google it.

Reduce Your Decision Universe

Scott SmithDaily Boost

Do you find there are too many decisions you need to make each day? It’s time to simplify.

You only have so much time, brain energy, and patience. What if your resources went into choosing what the shirt you’ll be wearing? What’s left for the important stuff?

Is it possible that you could have a wardrobe that essentially the same? Steven Jobs did.

How about eating the same foods on a rotating basis? One set of meals for this week, one for next.

What if you locked in work related systems that never changed? You could get everything done and move on to achieving your dreams and goals.

Keep things simple. It makes life much more fun.