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Believing in The Person You Will Become

I’ll never forget the day a mentor of mine said to me —

“You have to become the person you want to be before becoming the person you want to be.”


So I have to fake it until I make it?

Heck no! I’m not going to change who I am – no way!

“No. You’re not changing who you are. It’s just that you have to understand that the future, you will have a different set of beliefs than you hold right now. That’s called growth. Whatever you believe, you will become.”

At first, I thought he meant I would have to sell my soul to the devil and take on beliefs that were not mine to get what I wanted. But one day, I realized that day-to-day living is changing me anyway. I may as well make a choice myself.

My thinking when like this —

If I hold a self-image because of what I believe, all I have to do is create a future self-image, decide what that person would believe, and design a set of rules and actions that make those beliefs happen.

What’s the best part?

There’s no waiting. The very minute you decide what you believe, everything begins to change.

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