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Behavior Hacks That Change Everything

Behavior Hacks That Change Everything

Your mind is the most powerful super-computer ever created. Here are a few ways to hack it and transform your life.

1) Start using a “Good Enough” approach. Perfectionism is doing nothing to move you forward.

2) Use your ONE mind to do ONE thing. Multitasking is splitting your focus and energy. It’s also delaying your success.

3) Let go of control. Some things are not up to you. Figure out what they are and move on.

4) Say NO to anything that does not directly support your Goals. Do what you KNOW will get you what you want. Don’t do something in hopes of getting what you want.

5) Hang out with supportive, positive, and nurturing people. Let toxic people create their own group.

6) Be willing not to be liked. If you avoid making folks unhappy, you’re not moving toward your dreams.

7) Focus on the story of YOU. Minimize social media and television. When you do, you also minimize the influence others have on you.

Notice how most hacks are simply relying on yourself first. 

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