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Are You The Leader or a Tribe Member?

Over the past few years, there has been a trend in business toward an open, communicative, friendly, and supportive environment. While I believe that’s the way it should be, there has also been confusion amongst everybody in the company and customers.

Who’s in charge? Who’s the leader? Where are we heading?

Without a strong vision applied to the entire momentum of the company, there will be no momentum. And while ideas percolate from everybody involved, somebody needs to gather them into a vision that everybody can understand, believe in, and work toward every day.

I spend much of my time consulting business owners who are running face-first into this issue, as well as employees who are experiencing it from the other side. Here’s where the first link in the chain breaks.

Yes. Employees want to feel heard, valued, part of the team. And they love it when their bosses are part of their tribe and work to create an environment that makes them all feel respected and equal. 

But… the boss is still the boss.

Speaking of the boss—

Anybody who runs a company wants to be part of the company tribe, feel like one of the team, and get into the trenches to help everybody succeed. 

But… the boss is still the boss.

This dynamic will always be present since there will always be a divide between the leader and those being led. The solution is to look at it differently by remembering—

Everybody on your team is a member of the tribe, and everybody has a job. That includes the boss. But there is a difference. Yes, employees may love it when their leader is also one of them, but they also need that person to cast a vision, move the team forward, and help them achieve their dreams. In other words, when all are equal, yet everybody respects their different roles, your culture gets stronger, your momentum increases, and everybody gets more success.

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