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Are You Focused on The Wrong Things?

Have you ever found yourself setting out on a big mission yet not being able to define what you want? 

When I was a young man, I trained in journalism as part of my broadcast career. Radio stations would send me to the local town meetings and political events. Anything newsworthy. My job was to write a story and deliver it on the air, and I thought I was doing a great job – until my boss called me into his office. He wanted to know why I wasn’t getting to the critical part of the story faster. He said I was distracting from what is important.

In my mind, I was doing no such thing. 

I told the story how it sounded best in my mind, but nobody was listening long enough to hear what I had to say. All these years later, I’ve learned the “I want to get more out of life” crowd does the same thing.

Recently, I spoke with a client when I realized she was very good at shifting to the unimportant—finding more time, learning more, and getting more advice. Even cleaning the garage was more important. In the middle of her wandering story, I stopped her,

“Why are you avoiding what is most important to you? Cut to the chase, say what you want, and go do it.”

Her response came with a few tears.

“I thought I was talking about what is most important. Now I realize I’m telling myself a story that is comforting and sounds good to in my mind.”

She is burying the lead in journalistic terms, busying herself with secondary details, and growing frustrated.

How does this relate to improving your life?

Do you say, “I can’t focus?” Nope. You are focusing on the wrong things.

Do you say, “I can’t get myself moving?” Truth? You are moving – in the wrong direction.

Do you say, “I don’t have enough money?” Wrong again. What you need is more money!

If something is important to you, give it the honor, respect and focus it deserves. Lose the drama, get to the point, and start getting what you want right now.