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Are You Choosing a Word For The Year?

Are You Choosing a Word For The Year?

Around this time every year, people begin to declare to me the WORD they have chosen to guide their life for the following year. 

I like words – especially when combined with wisdom and a few wisecracks – but that might be just me. 

Still, I’m always amazed at how excited people get and how much they believe their WORD will guide them into the next year.

I’m jealous. I need a WORD, too – and that’s where the trouble begins.

I can’t imagine choosing a single word to represent 365 days of getting after it. However, having a WORD is an emotional trigger and fires neurons in your brain to keep you moving, so why can’t my WORD be several WORDS?

Just like magic – they arrived…

Simple. Sophisticated. Focused. Automated. Delegated. Deleted. Ritualistic. 

It’s a little Stoic, a little Tao, and a lot of Scott LOGIC – it works for me.

If you could use an emotional supercharger, choose a WORD… or WORDS for the year… and see how the next year ROCKS!