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Are Good Intentions Enough?

Do you get out of bed every day, plant your feet on the ground, and start getting things done? 

Do you do it with intention?

If you take a minute, you’ll notice the happiest, most successful, and content people live a life of intention. But having an intention is not a magical force reserved for the special few. It implies little more than what you plan to bring about in your life – something I was about to do.

In the months after meeting my future wife, I realized an intention was emerging in my mind. With every passing day, that intention transformed into a goal. Soon, I had a plan along with a timeline. I became obsessed and was on a mission to succeed. 

I had, as they say, “Good intentions.” 

But more than good intentions is needed to get what you want. In my case, I knew where I was heading; Joi was only beginning to understand what was on my mind. That’s when she asked –

“So, Mr. Smith. What are your intentions, exactly?”

Without missing a beat, I said –

“My intentions are simple. I will do everything possible to get you to fall in love, marry me, and spend the rest of our lives together.”

Her jaw dropped. She smiled, took a sip of wine, and said –

“Well, we’ll keep going and see what happens.”

What? We’ll see how things go! I already know where this is going. Why do we need to wait? I know my intention, and I’m to get it!

Of course, I didn’t say any of that to her. 

Yes, getting what you want in life requires knowing your intentions. The next step is to transform them into goals and actions. But you and your dreams are not living on an isolated island. If others are involved, you must let them know what you have on your mind.

But, because you said your intention, does that mean you will get what you want? 

No. It means that you now have a partner in your quest. Your intentions are about to merge, and if all goes well, your actions will create success for everybody.