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10 Daily Rules for a Happier You

Every day we all jump into the craziness of life without much thought to the basic rules we use to run our day.

Here are a few of mine. You can borrow them if you would like:

1) Do what makes your heart sing. You’ll always feel better when you are dancing down your path.

2) Believe anything is possible. As soon as you believe – everything IS possible.

3) Be nice to others. Expect them to do the same. No further explanation is required.

4) Believe in people and encourage their dreams. When you do, they’ll return the favor.

5) Do the right thing. If you mess up, say you’re sorry, try again.

6) Meet people where they are in their life and walk with them to where you both want to go.

7) Do what you say you will do. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver.

8) Make lemonade out of lemons. Everything is fixable if you have the right mindset.

9) Keep things simple. Yup.

10) Relax. Life is short. Double yup.

Focusing on life’s big picture makes it easier to enjoy your daily experiences.