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Start Your Day With The Daily Boost

It began as a simple concept; what if there was a way to stay motivated 24/7?

After almost 30 million downloads since 2006 - we have the answer. 

The Daily Boost motivation podcast breaks away from traditional norms, fits perfectly into your life, and stands by your side as you pursue your dreams.  

The Daily Boost presents robust personal development strategies and common sense.  Around here we call it Scott logic - named after our host.

Scott Smith combines common-sense lessons, radio experience, and a love of words, wisdom, and wisecracks to create a different kind of daily motivation podcast.  Frankly, a motivation podcast that fits into your life - and there nothing else like it anywhere.

Instead of being canned, cheesy, predictable, and ineffective, the Daily Boost is a motivation podcast that is fresh, funny, upbeat and personable. It's like listening to your favorite morning radio show - except our motivation strategies, and tips are useful for your life. Of course, it doesn't hurt that we were the first to jam all this goodness into a 9-minutes .motivation podcast

Life begins when you move! 

Our goal is to make Daily Boost so enjoyable that'll you'll return again and again until you get moving.  And, when life gets in the way, you'll come back for more motivation to break through to the next level of your life.

Daily Boost is available in two versions:

Commercially Sponsored on iTunes
We release a new Daily Boost podcast every Monday.  If a sponsor requests additional episodes, we publish additional days.  You can find them on iTunes and other sources. 

Daily Boost Premium
While most folks start with the sponsored programs and eventually move to our the Daily Boost Premium.  Not only is it commercial-free, but you also get the Daily Nugget, Daily Click, Click Coaching - so much more than just a podcast.

Don't let life get in the way! Our FREE worksheet and instructional video will help you take control of your schedule, stay focused, and create the lifestyle you deserve.  Download it now!

Wisdom To Wealthy

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