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A Different Way of Planning

By Scott | November 30, 2020

I was on the phone with a client this morning when he said, ”I don’t know why I have such a hard time planning my day-to-day stuff? I just want my day to be easier!”

I get it. Everybody does. And to make that happen, you need a mindset shift.

First to consider is that non-stop and continuous planning of every task every day is exhausting. It only adds another level of stress to your day.

Instead, planning should be done occasionally with a broader focus on short, medium, and long-term. The goal is NOT to spend your life planning.  It is creating containers where you plan to do your work or play.

Once you have your containers, you load them with goals and tasks and get them done. When things require adjustments, make another plan.

Make your plan and work your plan. Don’t keep change things. That’s how you get what you want.

How To Believe in Yourself

By Scott | November 29, 2020

It’s the time of year when the world begins to believe.

Children always believe. They don’t know otherwise. Adults view the world with a different set of eyes, so building self-confidence requires a little more focus.

1) Building belief in yourself begins by taking care of yourself. There is tremendous power in taking control of your body, mind, and spirit daily. You will feel yourself get stronger from the inside out.

2) Once you take control of your own life, it’s time to open your horizons and expand your worldview. Be brave and look outside yourself for new ways to explore the world around you. Start with small steps and grow. The more steps you take, the more your belief in yourself will arise.

3) Share what you have learned with others and give them a helping hand. The positive feedback you receive will build the belief and self-confidence that will make you unstoppable.

Why You Should Set Goals

By Scott | November 22, 2020

Are you feeling excited to be alive today?

Why not fire yourself up by becoming a goal setter on a mission to maximize your life experience?

I’ve said for years that goals are the heartbeat of your life. Goals make you feel alive and give purpose to your daily experience – and experience is what life is all about.

You can also consider goals as tangible expressions of your values. Through your daily actions, you express how you feel on the inside.

Goals are also automatic. Set them for yourself, or you’ll find that other, well-meaning people will be happy to set them for you.

The meaningful life you desire is a result of setting and pursuing meaningful goals. Never set goals and forget them. Set, pursue, and LIVE them.

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Simple Reset For Maximum Productivity

By Scott | November 16, 2020

How would you like to be more productive AND enjoy your day?

I’ve always been the kind of person who believed that life is life. Whether living your personal life, working at your job, or building a business. You are still the same person no matter what you are doing. Leaving yourself behind while you do something else is not a recipe or success.

Instead, as you go about the business of your day, why not have a little bit of YOU tucked in your back pocket?

Do you have a hobby? Do you need to send a note to a loved one? Are you working your way through a romance novel?

Your goal should be to find small breaks between your focus at work to be YOU for a few minutes before getting back to work. Two things will happen:

1) You’ll get more done. I promise.

2) You’ll be living your authentic self.

No matter what you find yourself doing today, YOU are still YOU. Be a happier warrior and bring yourself to every challenge.

How To Completely Change Your Life – The Easy Way

By Scott | November 15, 2020

Have you been running full speed ahead – knowing you’re not heading in the right direction?

It’s easy to get caught up in the business of life and find yourself off track.

Could your experience could be better?

It comes down to awareness and decisions:

1) Everything begins when you recognize that something needs to change – and admit it to yourself. Is the time now?

2) Driving forward will only add to unhappiness. Instead, keep up with life and push the pause button on everything else—no pulling or pushing. You are only pausing.

3) During this time, work your way back to YOU. There’s no hurry. You may have been off-track for a long time.

4) Remember your dreams. Now that you have space, it’s time to explore how everything fits into your life today – and your future. Begin to take action in any direction that makes you happy.

Once you find enjoyment, accept it, and defend it with all your energy. Spend the rest of your days bringing more into your life.

Think Like a Founder With Vision

By Scott | November 10, 2020

I spoke with a client a few days ago about what is expected from his employees while he is in the office.

Like any successful business owner, he hits the ground running and leads be an example. Always available to help, his days were routinely becoming 16-hours long. Vacation days were 8-hours. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how unsustainable that can be.

And that’s not what anybody wants.

Whether you work with family, staff, employees, or any group of people, they all want the same thing—empathy, understanding, and leadership.

Begin every day by taking a few minutes to see your vision. Spend the day casting that vision; you’ll find that everybody is happier and more successful.

The best leaders are members of the tribe, but they never forget their job is to lead others toward their vision.

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How To Make Sure You Are Living With Gratitude

By Scott | November 9, 2020

Here we are again, approaching the end of the year. It is a time when you may find your mindset taking on a feeling of gratitude. This year more than ever. What a wild ride it has been!

Simply put, gratitude is the state of being grateful. It is also a two-way street:

1) When you are appreciative of what you have received, you have gratitude. That’s the only way that you can expect to get more of what you want.

2) When you express gratitude for what you have received, you are living in a grateful state? The only way others know how you feel is to tell them – right?

Receiving and expressing gratitude requires few words. With practice, it requires even less thought. There’s no better way to make your day better than living will gratitude in your heart. Especially when you make sure the world knows it.

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What Kind of Success Action Are You Taking?

By Scott | November 8, 2020

Are you a motivated individual? You’ve heard the secret to getting what you want to take action. But what kind of action?

Do you choose “Massive IMPERFECT Action” focused on your goal? Willing to do whatever it takes and clean up your mess when you finish?

Do you choose “How Bad Do You Want It Action” to fuel your efforts?

Do you choose “I Better Do it or Else” ACTION because you see the pain coming if you don’t?

Do you choose “You Better Do It or Else” because somebody else will bring the pain?

Do you choose “I’m Waiting to See What Happens” ACTION and put your fate in something else?

Do you choose “I’m Not Going to Do Anything” ACTION because you don’t know what to do?

Whether your action is passive or active; there is a reward or penalty. You may as well select the one that serves you best.

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Tidy Up Your Day

By Scott | November 2, 2020

No matter how busy your day gets, there are always two things that will improve any day.

First, seek to learn one good thing each day that will make you a better person. You will likely need to carve out a dedicated time to make that happen, but it’s worth it. It’s time to become the person you are meant to be. Not only will you be happier, but all the other challenges of the day will also become much more manageable.

And since you never know how long you will walk on this planet, be sure to tidy up your day. Making an effort never to have any loose ends provides peace of mind. It also makes for a good night’s sleep.

Mindlessly going through your day is for amateurs. Mindfulness is how you make sure every day fulfills your purpose.

What You Can Learn From a Happy Dog

By Scott | November 1, 2020

I have a friend named Jaxon that is so consistent and successful; he makes me a bit jealous. I know I shouldn’t be that way, but I can’t help it.

Jaxon is not the most talented. He doesn’t work harder. He doesn’t get serious and stuffy. Win or lose, Jaxon always has a reason to celebrate, although he wins most of the time – then he takes a nap.

My dog, Levi, likes Jaxon too. They compete together in dog agility competitions.

Levi runs faster and wins more blue ribbons. He also crashes and burns more too.

While their styles are different, both dogs run because they love it. Both are winners, Both are happy dogs.

You can learn a lot from a happy dog.

Whether you run fast or slow, as long as you enjoy the game, you will be will always be a winner.

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