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Power of ONE Idea

By Scott | October 19, 2021

Are you the kind of person who is searching high and low for anything that will make you happy, get you married, bring in more money, or allow you to ignore the crazy world we live in today?

If I may, it’s time that stop searching and do this –

Accept that ONE good idea, ONE good realization, or ONE good action can and will change your life instantly.

Before I continue, I’m not saying to focus on ONE thing as you’ll find in Gary Keller’s book. Nope. The ONE thing I’m talking about comes way before that. It has nothing to do with productivity, and it has everything to do with mindset and being specific.

You don’t have to listen to me, but I’ll give you a pat on the back if you at least consider it.

You see, everything gets easier when you develop, understand, and trust that ONE idea combined with day-to-day committed action will lead you to your dreams.

And that’s not 16-hour, hair on fire, run as fast as you can, bend all the rules, shatter relationships, and get what you want at all cost days. No. It’s the exact opposite.

When you buy into the mindset that ONE idea can and will change anything, you give yourself kick in the butt that launches you in a mindful and disciplined approach to find that ONE idea… or things… that you need. After that, steady plodding is all it takes.

Hmm… where did I hear before?

Another I hear came from Zig Ziglar. He said, “Most of us are walking generalities. What you need to be is a meaningful specific.”

Owning a ONE idea mindset makes you and your journey meaningful. All you have to do is specifically target the actions required to get what you want every day, and the rest will take care of itself.

Are You Standing On The Edge of Your Dreams?

By Scott | October 18, 2021

Are you standing on the edge of your dreams that haven’t become reality?

Steve Harvey is a funny man. He is also a wise man.

He says, “You must jump.

If you want to be successful, you must jump into your dreams, take a leap of faith, and go for it.”

Many times we stand on the cliff of life and watch others enjoying the success you deserve.

They jumped, their parachute opened, and life is good.

You must jump.

When you finally decide to jump, your parachute will not open right away, and you will get bumped and bruised, but your parachute will open.

You must jump.

Look, let me get real.

If you want success, you must jump to your dreams so your parachute will open. If you don’t jump, it will never open.

If you are standing on the edge of your dreams, the question is simple. You either you do or don’t. If you do, JUMP. If not, find another edge – but make it one that makes you excited to jump.

Change Your Stories, Change Your Life

By Scott | October 13, 2021

Today we begin with a truth that on the surface may not seem very motivational. However, accepting this truth will be the singularly most freeing and motivating thing you can do for yourself.

We live in a world dominated by agendas. These ‘plans of others’ are broadcast to propagandize your mind into believing in a way that will pull you off your path and put you on the path of another.

Worse, the stories you tell yourself, your Personal Propaganda, is doing the same thing.

That’s not good. That’s not bad. That’s the truth. It has always been, and it always will be.

In choosing to live life your way and experience freedom at its highest levels, there is a rule that I have always followed –

The truth is the most motivating power you can access. If you dare to see and accept the truth in all areas of your life, you will then have the power to respond and act in ways that will change your life – instantly and for the long term.

Living your life on your terms isn’t about fighting the good fight until you get what you want. It’s about accepting the truth of who you are, ignoring the agendas of others, re-writing the stories you tell yourself, and acting in alignment with who you are on the inside.

It’s simple.

When you change your stories, you change your life. That begins by accepting the truth.

Responding To Your Inner-Voice

By Scott | October 11, 2021

Inside all of you right now are dreams, desires, and visions of your future. If you pay attention, you can hear your inner voice nudging you in that direction. Something it’s been doing for years. 

Whether your inner voice is whispering for you to begin moving toward your dreams or stop a behavior that’s holding you back, it will never stop reminding you until you take action. That is where challenges happen.

It’s common for a person who finally listens to their inner voice to react eventually. They spring into action mode and begin moving as if it were an emergency, and they are driving the rescue vehicle 70 miles per hour to their destination. The result of reacting is almost always ending in disaster and making the problem worse.

There’s a reason they don’t call them ‘First Reactors.’

If you’ve ever observed a first responder in action, you have noticed that they are trained, equipped, follow a plan of action, and never react. They always respond in a thoughtful and calculated manner and are entirely focused on their mission and outcome.

The next time your inner voice provokes you to move, take a minute, think long-term, and respond with actions that will move toward your outcome. That’s how you build never-ending momentum.

Formula For Finding Purpose

By Scott | October 5, 2021

Over the year’s the most popular question I get from the MOVERS around here is –

“How do I find my purpose and face my passion?”

If I were to expand on that question, it would be –

“What can I do today to find my purpose and overcome the fear of living my passion?”

In other words, it’s one thing to find it; it’s another thing to get yourself to do it.

Today we’ll focus on finding it.

In my quest to always be passionately living, I always turn to a 5-step process for discovering and facing your passion. It has never failed me.

1) Explore the possibilities that are available to you. The more, the better. Many things will interest you, and you should be willing to allow them into your life. 

2) Pay attention to what gets and keep your attention. Don’t fight the feeling. Just follow the urge to explore.

3) Deep dive into the things that are shoving themselves into your life and immersing yourself.

4) When you find yourself fascinated and nearly obsessed, even if it makes no sense at all, you are heading a new path. Don’t be surprised if it is nothing you’ve ever considered before.

The formula is simple: Exploration + Fascination = Facing Your Passion

While there can be several strategic steps within the steps above, the more significant challenge is to allow yourself to follow what you find. 

Once you find it, be sure you live it.

Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Success

By Scott | October 4, 2021

When I started my first real business 20 years ago, I found myself stressed, working long hours, missing workouts, sleep, and family. I was determined to be a success – even if it killed me. 

I’m not sure it would have done that, but I was a least on my way to wearing myself out since I was in my office at 2 AM on a Saturday, with a big bottle of wine.

Frankly, I was mad that day and was thinking bad things about myself. Feeling a little lost, as well, and a bladder full of wine, I stumbled to the restroom. That’s when my reflection in the mirror stopped me in my tracks.

The man looking back was not the man I was on the inside. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn’t mad. He was sad. Success was proving harder than he thought it would be, and he was lying to himself about why.

No. I was lying to myself.

In a surreal moment, I realized that I was questioning my commitment.

How could I get up every day and say that I was committed and yet allow myself to self-sabotage?

How could I commit to taking on a difficult challenge and complain that it was difficult?

How could I ever get what I wanted if my commitment was a big lie I was telling myself.

Either I was committed to my goals, or I wasn’t.

I looked into the eyes of the stranger in the mirror and saw a glimmer of my old self. I realized that everything I was doing was self-inflicted, and I was ready to stop blaming my challenges. 

It was a moment of reckoning, and I could see my commitment returning as a sparkle emerged from my eyes, and relief appeared in my shoulders. 

My inner Yoda also spoke to me –

“Succeed or do not succeed. Both are self-inflicted. There is no try. There is only commitment.”

After that, I had a very good nights sleep.

How To Rid Yourself of Burnout

By Scott | September 27, 2021

From time to time, almost everybody will feel as if they can’t do IT anymore – whatever IT is. Something has to change, and they have no idea how. It’s called burnout.

The good news is that you don’t ever have to get burned out. The better news is that it’s easy to keep yourself motivated, energized, and looking forward to every new day.

But what happens if you feel burned out today?

Let’s start with something that may not be obvious to you. If you just figured out you were burning yourself out, everybody around you knew it a long time ago. We can always see burnout in somebody else before we can see it in ourselves. So, now that you’ve joined the burnout party, let’s dig in a bit more.

People get confused about burnout and tend to blame it on working too many hours, with too much stress, not enough respect, and the feeling there is no way out. When that happens, dreams die, and you feel stuck. You may indeed find yourself in a burnout crisis, but you don’t have to stay there. In fact—

You don’t have to get more sleep…

You don’t need to ask for a raise…

You don’t need a long vacation…

While all of those things are good and will improve your life, the secret to not getting burned out, getting out of burnout, and never burning out again is simple; switch your activity’s focus to things that excite and drive you.

How many times have you been dead tired yet found time to do something you love?

How many times has an old friend called after a long day, and your mood was instantly brightened?

How many times do you remember being in so in the groove that nothing else mattered?

You’re not burned out. You are doing stuff that you don’t like, and it’s time for a change.

But what?

But when?

But how?

All good questions and the answers will arrive the minute you focus your mind and actions on meaningful and exciting thoughts and ideas – and start doing something about it.

Two Hour Project Productivity Rule

By Scott | September 21, 2021

If you’re spending any time trying to create a more fulfilling life, have you ever found yourself unable to work on meaningful projects?

Of course, we all have. Here’s what usually happens:

1) We make a decision, conscious or unconscious, to spend an entire day or week charging through your project.

2) We “chunk” our project into 15-30 segments that we work on throughout the day.

The challenge happens when we never seem to be able to focus our attention for days or weeks at a time. Years pass, and nothing happens.

Changing our approach to short chunks is equally frustrating because it never allows enough time to get into a flow. That leads to stopping, starting, and not wanting to start again. Years pass, and nothing happens.

A better approach is to block your time into creative chucks and focus on a single project. After that, you can move on to less important items, take a break, and fire up another two-hour block. You could continue your previous focus, or switch to an entirely different project. In any case, days pass, and lots happens.

Without getting too deep, the process works because our focus will naturally diminish in two hours. With practice, you may be able to attain four to six hours. After that, you’re toast.

If you want to get something meaningful done, focus on it two hours a day, every day, and it will be done before you know it.

How To Get Motivated Again

By Scott | September 21, 2021

As a child, I wondered why I couldn’t always have my way. Mom and Dad were so mean! I couldn’t wait to grow up, move out, and experience being an adult. Everything would be different – or so I thought.

After stepping into the adult world, it didn’t take long to realize that not much had changed. It turns out it wasn’t my parents. It was life turning down my requests. Life was getting in the way. What was even worse was that I was getting in my way.

I’ve joked over the years that if I’m the Boss of me, so why don’t I do what I say? Eventually, I realized having a big ass goal, being on a mission, and most importantly, motivation on demand was the solution.

Motivation is a powerful, if not fleeting, tool that we all need. But we need to understand how our minds generate motivation—

Your physiology dictates your feelings. The easiest way to break free of a slump is to stand up, take a step, and REPEAT. Movement wakes your body up, guides your emotions, and makes anything feel possible.

Focus fuels your fire. If you’re feeling unmotivated, you are also drifting in the wind with no direction. Shifting your thoughts in a positive direction and toward what excites you will break you out and get you moving.

Setting big ass goals with further fuels your focus while it also serves to define your purpose. There’s nothing more motivating than having a goal to pursue.

When life gets in the way, remember that the words you say create the emotions you feel. Negative self-talk will drag you, and everybody else, down. Everything changes when you make the words you say to yourself, internally and externally, positive and uplifting.

In the end, you’re human, and your brain isn’t wired to stay motivated all the time. However, when you give it a helping hand, it will always help you get what you want.

Does Change Happen Instantly?

By Scott | September 13, 2021

You’ve likely heard that “Changes happens in an instant” – which is entirely accurate. But…

Is there one ‘instant’, and when will it happen?

Are there more than one ‘instants” required to get what you want? If so, when will they happen?

If you’ve ever worked toward a goal, you’ll find there are usually a series of small changes that happen in sequence. Whether they are slight shifts in your mindset or actions, or actual physical changes in your life, one thing usually leads to another.

Over the years, I have noticed a predictable one, two, three patterns that clients always follow in seeking change.

1) Step one is the clarity and figure things our phase. It is a time when you decide that you want to change something about your life. You may not know what or how, but you are now searching with a specific mission in mind. You are no longer looking backward. You have changed.

2) Once clarity emerges it is accompanied by excitement. This is the time to map out a path and choose strategies that move you closer to your goal. This could be called the ‘How’ stage. You being to create your roadmap. You have changed.

3) At this point, you are approaching the natural starting point. You know what you want, how to get it, and the time has come time to execute your plan with daily action. You are now committed to moving forward. You have changed.

It doesn’t matter what you want to change, you will always follow those three steps.

Whether it’s a goal that will take a day to accomplish or a year, you’ll always get what you want if you sequentially move through the process.

The more action you take, the more you get small changes leading to your eventual goal.

Eliminate Confusion. Create Your Plan. Get Motivated.

Don't let Confusion and Frustration Stop Your Dreams