Creative Destruction Makes Life More Fun

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Do you like destruction in your life? Most folks would say, “NO!” What if I were to tell you that you MUST disrupt to get what you want? I’ve always practiced “Creative Destruction” in my life – a business concept that means old products are always being replaced by new. Think iPhone 8. Creative Destruction … Read More

Getting Things Done Without Driving Yourself Crazy

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It’s a new week, and I’m sure you have a lot to get done. If you use a To-Do list, I’d like to give you a powerful new mindset that will make your days much more fun. First, it’s time to lose your To-Do list and replace it with a “Did I Do It” list … Read More

Laser Targeted Networking

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Have you ever had a goal that you want but can’t seem to network with the right people? You are not alone. How about a little hard earned advice about networking for success. 1) Most folks you meet will not result in the advancement you seek. They are most likely in the same place as … Read More

Everything’s Impossible Until…

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Do you sometimes feel as if you are so close to achieving your goal that you can taste it? Are 3 feet from gold? A few year’s back the book “3 Feet From Gold” hit the shelves. Since then many people have mistaken its meaning as, “If I keep digging I’ll get there.” Probably not. … Read More

Personal Brinksmanship

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Brinksmanship. It’s the art or practice of pursuing a policy to the limits of safety before stopping. Are you a Brinksman? If you want to get what you want in life, you will need to push the envelope to the limits. That requires brinksmanship. Brinksmanship applies in business and politics. It makes all parties uncomfortable. … Read More

Stop The Insanity

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In your entire life, has anybody ever said to you, “it’s good to be a quitter?” Consider today, the day you received some excellent advice. Being a good quitter isn’t an excuse. It should never be an option for making things easier. It’s a wise choice when your progress has you going around in circles … Read More

Anticipation Engine

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How would you like automatic motivation for the rest of your life? From the time you were very young, there have been events that you couldn’t wait to arrive. Christmas, birthdays, weddings, vacations, job interviews among them. The anticipation is magical and very motivating. How would you like to harness that “Anticipation Engine?” How would … Read More

Catalyst For Success

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I love to say, “Life Begins When You Move” and “Stand up, take a step, repeat.” But how much energy do you need to get started? I bet it’s less than you think. In chemical engineering, a catalyst makes a reaction happen more quickly. You need a Personal Development Catalyst – and excitement is the … Read More

Four Words That Keep The Focus on You

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Communicating with others is a required skill for staying focused on your goals. Next time somebody attempts to pull you off course… Simply say “Yes, and…” to their request. Doing so will allow you to maintain momentum and not sound negative. It also puts you in control. One of my favorites, “Yes, I would love … Read More

What Label Do You Wear?

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Don’t label me! I can’t tell you how many people say that to me. One problem. I’m not doing the labeling. You can change the entire direction of your life by changing the how you present to others. It’s a skill you must master – unless you prefer other people define who you are. Call … Read More