Don’t Be a Negotiating Underdog

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Life is series of negotiations. The progress you make.  The success you enjoy.  The happiness you experience.  Everything is a direct result of your negotiation skill. Since you negotiate for everything, why is it that you sometimes feel like you won’t succeed? Here’s a little secret. Whenever two or more folks negotiate, everybody is hoping … Read More

Get More Done With Less Stress

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It’s a new week.  I’m sure you have a lot to do.  If you use a To-Do list, I’d like to pass on some advice that will make your days much more fun. LOSE your “To-Do List.”  Replace it with a “Did I Do It List.” To-Do Lists make you a slave to the checkmark.  … Read More

Quantum Decision Making

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Do you ever have difficulty making decisions? In the next 60 seconds, you can harness the most potent and easy to use decision-making tool I have ever found. Forget the old “Pro and Con” list your Mom and Dad taught you. It’s time for a new approach. The next time you find yourself challenged use … Read More

Amending Your Constitution

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I was on the phone with a client when she mentioned that she uses a personal constitution to guide her life.  She wrote the document 25 years ago.  It has never seen an amendment.  She’s is not very happy either. By definition, a constitution never changes. Your most important beliefs and core values should change … Read More

Golden Circle of Influence

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Are you going to influence the world today? Getting what you want in life usually begins by knowing what you want and believing you can get it.  That influences others to help you. Simon Sinek calls it, “The Golden Circle.” If you’re like most folks, you spend a good amount of your time focusing on … Read More

Power of Pain and Pleasure

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They are two forces that rule everything you do.  Pain and Pleasure. Included in Stoic Philosophy in 300 BC, it’s three rules are easy to understand and apply: 1)  Most decisions you make and actions you take have the goal of attracting pleasure into your life. 2)  When things get challenging, decision and actions become … Read More

Stand Up. Take a Step. Repeat.

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It’s the world’s simplest recipe for success; Stand up, take a step, REPEAT! A member wrote asking the best use of such simple advice.  Here’s how to get started in 5 minutes or less: 1)  Stop whatever you are doing.  Block out everything. Focus on YOU. 2)  Find a place where nobody will interrupt you … Read More

Daily Rules of Happiness

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Did you know that happy people see the world differently? No, they don’t wear rose-colored glasses.  They have a better way: 1)  Happy people realize that being alive includes challenges. 2) Happy people accept that challenges are a privilege that come with being alive. 3) Happy people get frustrated but don’t give up.  Challenges mean … Read More

Get Clear on Your Choices

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The most common question that crosses my desktop is, “How do I decide what to do?” Common sense would say, “you can’t move forward when you don’t have clarity in your direction.” Are your choices are getting in the way? Are you focusing on your options or are you paying more attention the consequences?  That … Read More

Take Command of Your Life

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I like flying little airplanes. Over the years I’ve learned a lesson; I don’t have to ask permission to go where I want to go.  It’s always up to me to choose my destination. I’m what the FAA refers to as the Pilot in Command – the Boss of the airplane.   I have total control … Read More