Are You Successable?

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Are you on a quest for your best life? What exactly will it take for you to get what you want?   I’ve had many mentors in my life.  All made a point of validating that I possessed three characteristics of success.  They required it before that agreed to work with me. Would you pass … Read More

Success Bread Crumbs

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Do you sometimes feel like you are the only person on your journey? You are not. No matter what direction you are heading, somebody has walked the same path before.  They left clues along the way.  But you can’t follow one person or one path. Your dreams, goals, and ambitions are unique and not like … Read More

Don’t Get Stuck in The Past

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I work with a lot of clients with ”Negative Back-Talk” that shows up early in our relationship.  It usually happens when asking a question.  Their answer begins with, “Well, I used to be that way a long time ago but…” In other words, their current situation is always linked to past behavior.  It’s stopping them … Read More

Breaking Bad Habits

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What would you say if I gave you a simple recipe to break bad habits and replace them with good? First, understand that bad habits get etched into your brain through years of re-enforcement. Breaking them is going to require distracting yourself – and it’s easy. Decide what your new habit is going to be … Read More

Decision Making Options

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No matter what you desire in your life, everything will start as a thought in your mind.  It will demand your attention. You have three options; deny it, delay it, or deal with it. The quality of your life will is a result of your choice. How do you avoid procrastination, frustration, and worry?  Drop … Read More

Endless Motivation

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Have you ever wondered how some folks stay motivated? It’s not magical; it’s physical. Motivation is a finite resource.  In fact, you only have about three days of a motivation before you’ll run out of fuel. With all the demands put upon it, the Executive Center of your brain can’t keep up.  What’s the fix? … Read More

Directing Your Focus

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There’s a truth in life; nothing happens until something happens. The most powerful tool in your personal development toolbox is massive imperfect action.   Do everything with the intent on moving yourself closer to accomplishing a goal. But how do you begin when your to-do list is a mile long?  There’s a simple equation: start … Read More

Be Unreasonable.

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Are you a reasonable person? Maybe it is time for you to change? A reasonable person settles for the mundane and says, “It IS what it IS!” An unreasonable person says, “That’s fine, but I don’t like it that way, and I don’t accept it!” They change people’s perception of what is. They create a … Read More

Questions For Success

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Success in business and life often comes down to simple focus and common sense. I was watching Restaurant Impossible when Robert asked, “When did you last get paid?  Why do you have a business?” The answer? No matter what you do, you’re only doing it for money. Don’t believe me? What would you do if … Read More

Motivating Your Success

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Every Monday for over 10 years I’ve asked, “Have you done your homework?”  A question that has turned out to be a powerful tool. People who get what why to want in life have a good habit.  They review their progress and state of happiness.  If things are not going well – you can make … Read More