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Hi, my name is, Scott Smith.

Coaching and Consulting is one of the ways I live out my obsession.  You see, I am obsessed with helping you live a lifestyle your choosing - no matter how much life gets in the way. You decide what you want. You decide why. Together, WE make it happen.

Face it; life is full of challenges.

Coaching and Consulting is one of the best ways to see your path and establish a feeling of hope. You'll set goals and lay out strategic plans. You'll create the catalyst for "Massive Imperfect Action." Once you get started, you won't stop until you create the life of your dreams.

Business Coaching

Getting what you want in life usually takes money.  Are you a business owner or are you entertaining getting into the entrepreneurial lifestyle?  Coaching and Consulting with me will allow you to avoid mistakes and accelerate your progress.

I'll be your ongoing advisor to help you create a thriving business AND a flourishing life.  Together, we'll overcome the challenge of strategic planning. We'll set up a streamlined system. Once your foundation is in place, we'll build an automated residual income.  The goal is long-term growth, and the ability to cash out and walk away when you are ready.

Online and Podcast Development

In 2006 I made a lifestyle decision to enter the online business world. Since then, we've enjoyed 50 million podcast downloads. All those listeners have attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorship revenue.  Our automated online income stream has generated millions of dollars in revenue.  You won't find many people with more experience, current results, and the desire to help you do the same as me.

What To Do Next

Due to time limitations, my Coaching and Consulting clientele is limited. If you're serious about transforming your life and business, we need to speak. Please take a minute to fill out the form on this page.  I review it and send you a note.  If it looks like a good fit,  I'll schedule a 20-minute telephone call to dig in deeper.

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Looking For a One-Time Session?

Don't let life get in the way! Our FREE worksheet and instructional video will help you take control of your schedule, stay focused, and create the lifestyle you deserve.  Download it now!

Wisdom To Wealthy

Let us show you how to create your dream lifestyle - and get paid for it!  Register now for 3 free training sessions to be held on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th.


Your are registered for the upcoming events.  Please check your email for your access information.  It's coming from "".  If you don't see it in about 5 minutes be sure to check your spam folder.

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