What’s Your Life Purpose?

Tanya EldertDaily Boost

Seeking purpose is an interesting thing. For some, it is natural and effortless. Others find it aspirational and their mission.

The first tends to live on purpose with no thought. The actions they take in day-to-day activities are what they do. Purpose a reason something gets done, created, or exists. They live in the moment.

Most consider the second more awake and mindful. Determined to discover their elusive purpose before times runs out. Their life is about intention and objective. They live in the future.

Whichever camp you fall into, both fit the dictionary definition of “Purpose.” If you’re fortunate, you are doing both at the same time.


Manufacturing Endless Opportunity

Tanya EldertDaily Boost

When I was a teenager, I was a weekend moviegoer.  It was the age of Rocky and Star Wars, after all.   While the experience was fun, something has stuck with me over the years.

During the previews before the film, the movie theatre always ran a commercial.  They wanted local business owners to buy an ad before every show.  It went –
“What happens when you don’t advertise?  NOTHING!”

Yes, that’s a great lesson for business owners.  But, what about YOU?

If you want something more in your life, you need to toot your own horn so others can help you get it.  That’s how you manufacture endless opportunity in your life.