Mapping Your Success

Scott SmithDaily Boost

I’ve always believed life should be simple – especially on a Monday. There’s no better way than to follow an uncomplicated structure I call MAPS.

Motivation. Everything begins with motivation. Know your “WHY,” get excited, and get moving.

Accountability. The next step is to keep track of your progress – which will provide more motivation.

Planning. Plan your work, work you plan. Never begin until you know at least your first and next step.

Systemization. Lock in the steps that work for you and turn them into a repeatable system.

Sustainability. Build momentum by stacking accomplishment upon accomplishment. Never build a house of cards. Make sure you set yourself up for the long haul.

Step Into The Spotlight

Scott SmithDaily Boost

Are your ready for your shining moment?

Is it time for you to get out from behind the scenes?

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “You’re a ROCK STAR” – which has nothing to do with music.

A Rock Star is the leader. Everybody knows their name. They have the spotlight. The audience seeks them out. They also accept the responsibility that comes with the job.

Behind the scenes, players may make the entire engine run. They may get mad respect from the audience. But, most folks don’t know their names.

If your Goals are leading you to a starring role, it may be time to step up. If you’re happier in a support position, accept who you are and be the person you can.