Anticipation Engine

Scott SmithDaily Boost

How would you like automatic motivation for the rest of your life?

From the time you were very young, there have been events that you couldn’t wait to arrive. Christmas, birthdays, weddings, vacations, job interviews among them. The anticipation is magical and very motivating.

How would you like to harness that “Anticipation Engine?” How would you like a steady stream and never-ending exciting life moments?

Here’s how:

1) Choose one of your Bucket List items and decided to make it happen. Don’t be picky. Start now.

2) As you begin to move, your anticipation will grow. Use that feeling to drive your actions.

3) After your reach, your goal, decide on your next project and begin right away. Repeat forever.

The goal is to create a life-long series of events. Use them to drive anticipation, and you will always live and exciting life.