Gifting Yourself a Wonderful Life

Scott SmithDaily Boost

Wouldn’t it be great if you received the gift of a wonderful life this year?

What if you could have lots of free time, less stress, more money, and great relationships?

In my years of coaching folks all over the world I’ve learned a few things about lifestyle design:

1) It all begins when you become aware of what you want and accept that it’s up to you to get it.

2) You must believe that your dream can be real as soon as you start living it.

3) You are the Boss of you so there’s no reason for a delay. Stop planning and starting doing. Forget wishing, hoping, and dreaming. Start with little bits of happiness and work toward living your dream every day. Time will take care of everything else.

Living a wonderful life is completely up to you. Be aware of the change you desire, believe it can be yours, and start living it now.