Focusing On Yourself First

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Not a day goes by that I don’t have conversations with people who want to make the world a better place.

I smile and ask, “What kind of work are you doing on yourself to make that happen?”

There is usually silence – then.

“Work on me? Why? I want to help others, not myself?”

Socrates said, ”Let him that who would move the world first move himself.”

Smart guy.

Focus on taking care of yourself first. Your positive energy will radiate into the word. We all need that.

How Bad Do You Want Your Dreams?

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Today you will have challenges.  Some you expect.  Some will surprise you.

Challenges are the storms that makes you stronger.

They are the bridges that you must cross in search of your dreams – which begs the question:

How bad do you want to make your dreams come true?

When you know in your heart how vital your dreams are – nothing will ever stop you from achieving them.


Networking Power Tips

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You have the opportunity to begin new relationships every day.  Some are random. Some you choose.  When you follow the rules of the networking game, things always work out better.

1) It isn’t about you.

2) You will always come from a place of trust.

3) You won’t have an agenda.

4) You will listen first.

5) You will focus on the person – not the opportunity.

6)  Everything you need to know will come soon enough.

7)  Your posture dictates theirs.

8)  You will not worry about the outcome.

9)  Consider how you can serve them.

10) There is no rush.  You can always re-connect later.

Networking with others is about connecting on a personal level.  Everything else will follow.

Are Your Friends Holding You Back?

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The success and happiness that you in your life is a direct result of something your Mom was always asking –

Who are your friends?

If they are positive, you will be positive.  Are they negative?  You will be negative.  If they have money, you will have money.  Are they broke?

You get my point.

Your life will become exactly like the people that are closest to you.  Choose wisely.