What To Do If You’re In A Rut – Nothing?

What To Do If You’re In A Rut – Nothing? I live by a mantra that says – “Almost everything in day-to-day life should be routine. Consistent. Predictable. Between the lines. Boring. But, occasionally, it’s good to get out of the box, a little on edge, a bit scared, and excited.” The truth is, you…

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How to Influence Yourself

How to Influence Yourself Did you know that the power of Influence is ruling your day? Your subconscious mind is listing. Opinions are formed. Actions begin. It usually happens without your awareness. The dictionary definition of Influence is; the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects…

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How to be Happy and Excited Every Day

How to be Happy and Excited Every Day I love how kids live in the moment while also getting excited about the next fun thing. Maybe it’s time we all begin acting like kids again. Since you were young, special events excited you enough that sheer anticipation would drive you all day and keep you…

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Are Your Goals YOUR Goals?

Are Your Goals YOUR Goals? Are you feeling excited to be alive today? It might be an excellent opportunity to become an intentional goal setter. Goals are the heartbeat of your life.   You will always enjoy pursuing goals that align with the most significant Values. They are tangible expressions of your Values. There’s nothing…

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Three Big Success Principles

Three Big Success Principles Where do you begin when you want success?   What’s your first step?   Over 2000 years ago, the philosophy of Stoicism led the way in creating success. Their lessons still apply today: 1) Clarity. You must see where you are heading. Anything less, and you will spend more time figuring…

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Friends Holding You Back

Friends Holding You Back The success and happiness that you have in your life is a direct result of something your Mom was always asking – Who are your friends? If they are positive, you will be positive. Are they negative? You will be negative. If they have money, you will have money. Are they…

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Get Things Done (GTD)

Get Things Done (GTD) I’m a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. His book spawned an entire industry. It also causes a lot of stress. A few years ago, David was speaking at a conference, and folks asked how he managed to get things done: 1) Nothing gets done until I process everything. No…

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Specific, Time-based, Goals

Specific, Time-based, Goals It’s the time of the year when people want more success in their life and start setting goals. Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you achieve your goal. The mere act of setting a goal will drive you closer to what you want – but you need to be careful: 1) Goals should…

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Year-End Success Hacks (Part Two)

Year-End Success Hacks (Part Two) Yesterday we spent a few minutes on practical ways to succeed in the future.  Here are a few actions that will provide a HUGE advantage over almost everybody. Oh, you may not like these no-brainer daily practices – but they will make you a peak performer: 1) Eat right. 67%…

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Year-End Success Hacks (Part One)

Year-End Success Hacks (Part One) As we move toward the end of the year, how about a bit of motivational tough love?  Before I get going – No matter what you desire in the future, remember that life and business are about solving problems. The bigger your dreams, the bigger your problems. If you want…

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