Attaction Based Living

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Would you like to experience your day with everything you need to enjoy life magically appearing?

A few years back I made the decision to stop fighting my way to the top and take an easier route with “Attraction Living.”

Attraction Living is based the premise that the quality of your relationship dictates the quality of your life. It takes just a few simple steps to master.

Step 1:
Never judge people when you first meet. Understands that they know nothing about you.

Step 2:
Be interested in them first and offer something of value. Even a compliment has power.

Step 3:
Repeat the process every time you meet. Never stop.

Over time you will build a reservoir of people who know, like and trust you – the same folks who will think of you first for a potential opportunity.

Anatomy of Actions

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People often ask what steps are needed to increase productivity and get more done.   By the way, my reason for being more productive is NOT  getting more done – it’s to allow more time for the things I enjoy.
I begin by understanding that there is a beginning, middle and end in everything we do.  You must start.  You must progress.  You must finish.  Doing anything else is just stumbling along.
I use three steps:
Access Actions are used to determine how I will begin – the steps needed to initial the project.
Advancing Actions are benchmarks to monitor your progress and iterations and adjustments needed.
Achievement Actions are steps that are required to bring the project to completion with no loose ends.
You must start.  You must progress.  You must finish.