Decision Making With Quantum Linguistics

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Do you ever have difficulty making decisions?

In the next sixty seconds, you are going to get your hands on the most potent and easy to use decision-making tool I have ever found!

Forget the old “Pro and Con” list you Mom and Dad explained when you were a kid.  You’re all grown up now, and it’s 2016.  It’s the moment has arrived for a new approach.

The next time you find yourself challenged with a significant decision, why not seize the opportunity and harness the power of Quantum Linguistics – using four simple questions.

What would happen if I DID?

What would happen if I DIDN’T?

What wouldn’t happen if I DID?

What wouldn’t happen if I DIDN’T?

Is your mind blown?  It will be as soon!

When you add my “How Do I Feel Strategy Session,” your life will start moving like never before!  (I’m saving that for the podcast)

Why are you waiting?

Start making some decisions!

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Mountain Moving Morning Rituals

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Yippee! It’s Monday!

Many years ago I was struggling to discover the secret to success when a mentor gave me some excellent advice. What he described was amazingly simple.

“If you want more, you must decide to lead your day and not follow. Starting tomorrow, wake up an hour earlier, hydrate, exercise, practice silence time, eat, analyze your day, knock out the small stuff, then get busy moving your mountains.”

My mentor was a busy guy, yet always seemed to have extra hours in his day. Honestly, I had long admired how he stayed so relaxed, available, and unmistakably growing more prosperous by the day.

Years later I’ve observed the same success habit in thousands of high-performance individuals. Success leaves clues. That’s a good one.

Starting tomorrow why not dedicate at least some of your morning hours to self-time. Keep it simple to start. You’ll be amazed at how much more excited find yourself to take on the day.

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The Law of Forced Efficiency

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I have to admit; I can be a bit of a renegade when it comes to staying between the lines. However, when it come to certain things, I’m the best rule follower you’ve ever met.

The Law of Efficiency is one rule I unconditionally respect.

Simply put, there is never enough time to do everything; however there is always enough time to do the most important things. You will use all of your available time to get it done, and you will likely procrastinate until the very last minute.

If you don’t want that to happen, there are two simple steps you can use to stay uber efficient; never commit to anything you are not likely to finish, and always complete projects as quickly as feasible.

I told you it was simple.

I can’t wait to hear you scream with happiness when you discover how much more stress-free time you’re going to add to your day.

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Too Many Pathways Lead to None

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Have you decided what you’re going to be when you grow up?

The possibilities are endless, yet it’s common to feel paralyzed by the over-abundance of pathways to success presented to us on a daily basis.

So how do you choose a path, fuel your internal fire, and keep it burning while you make change the world?

The answer is magically simple.

No matter how big your dream, it doesn’t matter what, when, how, or when you do what you do.  And it doesn’t matter which path you travel.  What counts is how you are feeling on the inside while living your days.

Creating a global movement or performing the most simple of tasks can be equally satisfying and fulfilling – even surprising.

If what you’re doing right now doesn’t feel right on the inside, you are obligated to keep adjusting your life until it does feel right.

You’ll know when you get there.

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Busting a Habit in 21 Days… LIE!

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How many times have you heard it takes 21 days to create or break a habit? Probably about as many times as you’ve tried to make a change to your life, right?

Creating a new lifestyle is nothing more than applying a different set of actions day-to-day. In doing so, you are forming a mental link that strengthens each time you repeat the action.

The guys in the white coats call this “context-dependent repetition” – dynamic automatic behavior that saves your brain power in a busy world. Research has also found that the common habit forming time is sixty-six days and that it’s possible to form a new habit instantly if your belief and desire to change are strong.

How cool is that?

That means you can set a new habit in the next 3 minutes if you want to bad enough, be average at sixty-six days, or take as long as you want.

I say twenty-one is for Blackjack, and you are in are way above average!

Crank up your belief and decide to get what you want today!

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Changing From The Outside In

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Do you feel a little bit like changing your identity and becoming a new person today?

Great! I’ve got the perfect solution; get off your butt and MOVE!

Your identity is the result of what you believe and value. It is who you are on the inside, and you have become that person after years of experiencing life.

If you desire something different, it’s time to tackle something new!

When you decide to create a new experience in your life, you create a new belief system and eventually update the way you feel about yourself.

It’s as simple as E + I = L; Experience, plus Identity, equals your life.

There’s no sitting around and thinking your way to you dreams. You’ve got to move!

You got this!

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Who Else Want Boring Success?

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Brought to you by FreshBooks.  As a Daily Boost listener you can get Freshbooks for an entire month for FREE.  No credit card required.  Try Freshbooks TODAY!

And so it begins, another week of nearly endless instant gratification opportunities lurking about to draw you off track and delay your success.

Maybe it’s a good day to choose a more monotonous path.

Genuine success will arrive when you practice your craft and become highly skilled and nearly unconscious in your process. When you are better than anyone else at what you do – even on your worst day.

Instead of being distracted, shifting focus and chasing shiny objects, you are confident, experienced, seasoned and wise; it is also entirely possible that you are bored to tears.

When you do what you love, and do it long enough, your effort is rewarded with a deep well of wisdom, patience to overcome, and a feeling of contentment that you can overcome anything.

Your success is just around the corner.

No matter what you do, keep playing YOUR game and continuously look for interesting ways to keep yourself excited doing what has become so natural for you.

Become the master that you are!

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Start Chasing Your Dreams

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Is the list of items you need to complete growing longer and longer?
That’s the way the Universe works.  What you focus on expands.  I think it’s time that you stop concentrating on your to-do list items and start focusing on the big picture.
Said another way, it’s time for you to stop chasing checkmarks and start chasing your dreams!
Each day, everything you do should be 100% directed at creating the life you desire.  BE who you are!  Teacher?  Executive?  Creative Genius?  Yes, you will still need to get all that other stuff done, but at least you’ll be moving forward instead of slaving over momentum stallers that keep getting in your way.
Clear out anything in your life that is noise, clutter, and distracting.  Then, schedule and allocate time to work on what’s important do you.
Do this today.  You’ll be happier tomorrow.
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How To Stop Overwhelm

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I’ve heard that you worry too much.
No, I’m not reading your mind.  It’s just how most folks have conditioned themselves to think after years of living.
When you consider it, a little worry is necessary.  Heck, if you didn’t worry, would you ever pay your bills on time?
The challenge is that 90% of concern will never have any impact on your life, except to give you a case of Acid Reflux.
The next time you find yourself grinding your teeth and mashing your fingers, just step away, take a breath, relax, and gather the necessary information you need to understand what’s going on at that moment.  Doing so will change your perspective.  It will give you control.
Once you’ve grounded yourself, you can face the 10% of real problems and get working on a solution.  You’ll also know which 90% of your worries to ignore – preferably while you are working on your tan at the beach.
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Thinking Into Doing

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There is one strategy I know that will always generate favorable results; knowing how to turn your thoughts into reality with massive action.

However, I’ve always wondered why so many “good intended” people get stuck in neutral.

Yes, intention requires that action is applied to bring about change. However, if you want to propel yourself toward your goals, you’ll eventually figure out that actions can only be driven by intention when connected by a decision to move forward.

Your decision.

You must decide to act.  Good intentions are simply not good enough.

Today, why not make a purposeful decision to drive your throughs into action using my Magic Formula: Intention. Decision. Action.

You’ll like the results.

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