30 Day Foundational Challenge

July 23, 2018

Only a crazy person says you can change everything about your life in 30 days – right? Call me crazy, but everything I’ve ever done had its roots in a 30-day sprint – and it’s a long time. A week is easy, crossing several weekends and life events will make it seem like forever. Here’s…

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Mastering Your Morning

July 16, 2018

Ask any successful person about the most crucial time of their day, and they’ll say, “Mornings.” How you use your morning hours sets the pace for your entire day – and less is more.  Let’s keep this simple: 1)  Lose your excuse that mornings are crazy and there is no way to control the madness.…

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Cut and Control Your Clutter

July 9, 2018

Are you overwhelmed with the clutter in your life?  It’s time to take a different approach. Clearing clutter from your life a big and never-ending challenge. Clutter will never stop building.  There will always be more. Instead of stressing about all the stuff you need to unload from your life, why not curate your clutter.…

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Be Your Best Every Day

July 2, 2018

As you stroll through life, you will find opportunities that will present you with a choice – a VALUE choice.  Your response speaks volumes about your character. There’s no right or wrong.  There is only your inner voice guiding you in the direction of your destiny.  One selection moves you away.  Another moves you closer…

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Required Traits For Success

June 29, 2018

I’ve had many mentors in my life.  All of them made a point of validating that I possessed three characteristics for success. Would you pass their test? 1) Do you have a burning desire to achieve your goal? 2) Are you a coachable person and prepared to accept wisdom and guidance of others? 3) Do…

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Endless Opportunity Mindset

June 28, 2018

Sometimes I remember the beginning of my career.  I was young, eager, driven, and intimidated. How can I reach my dreams with all the people and competition in the world? Here’s what I learned: 1) Somewhere in those crowds is a person who needs my help.  I’m sure they feel frustrated, desperate, and don’t know…

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Nothing Happens Without Motivation

June 27, 2018

A long time ago, Zig Ziglar said, “Without Motivation, Nothing Happens.” Doesn’t that make you want to read another book, go to a seminar, or listen to a podcast? Yes, doing that will make you feel better, but will it get you what you want? A more sustainable way is to get excited about what…

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Career Success Mindset

June 26, 2018

A long time ago you found yourself graduating high school and thrust into real-life. I’m sure you gave lots of thought to your future.  Then again, you were young.  Twenty years later things can look very different. Over the years, I’ve learned something about working for a living: 1) Chasing money, advancement, and being significant…

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Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

June 25, 2018

Do you have goals and dreams?  If so, Confidence and Self Esteem will play a significant role. Confidence is feeling good about your worth or abilities; self-respect. Self Esteem is a feeling of self-assurance.   An appreciation for your abilities or qualities. You need both, and you get them through your daily experience. Remember – Everything…

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Multiply Your Action

June 21, 2018

Have you noticed? As soon as you initiate action toward a goal – a million other distractions arrive in your life? Etch this into your mind: Activity creates activity. No matter what you choose to take on, your energy will attract the attention. You will discover everything you need to succeed. It will also draw…

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