Get Ahead in 2-Hours a Day

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Would you be willing to give up 2-hours of your day to create a life of your dreams? 

Most folks spend their time focusing on busy work.  Yes, shopping, checking the mail, bathing the kids, all must get done.  But, how much time do you dedicate to focusing on “getting ahead” activities? 

No matter how many hours in the day, an average person is productive for only 2 hours and 53 minutes.   After that, focus goes away. You must focus on YOU while you are still fresh.

Every day I sit at my desk before 7 AM.  No internet, no tv, no radio, no nothing.  My focus is on moving my life forward.  As I cross the 2-hour mark, my focus slips, and I begin to take on the day. 

Distractions don’t matter when you focus on what’s important to you BEFORE anything else.  Take care of yourself first.

Why Motivation Fades Away

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Have you ever wondered why your motivation seems to fade away a few days after you decide to “get motivated?” 

There’s a simple answer.

Motivation is not some magical vehicle that will help you get what you want.  Instead, think of motivation as providing the drive to accomplishing your goals. 

Getting what you want in life when you –

1) Use motivation to get inspired and moving toward what is important to you.

2) Maintain a strong understanding  WHY you want to reach your goals.  Apply your motivation toward achieving them.

3) Always balance re-igniting your motivation while taking continuous action toward your destination.

Remembering Everything

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When I learned to fly little airplanes, it didn’t take long overwhelmed struck.  The volume of information I needed to remember was crazy.

That’s when my instructor said,

“You don’t need to remember everything.  Just know where to get the information when you need it.”

Here’s how it works:

1)  During study time learn and understand everything.

2)  In real-life, memorize the first few steps needed to start. File everything else in a place that you can quickly access the information.

3) When it is time to use your knowledge, begin with your memory items while you retrieve your notes.  Continue until completed.

Too much information creates paralysis.  Commit the basics to memory and refer to your notes for everything else.  No fuss, no muss.