My name is Scott Smith. I’m Chief Motivating Officer, and Founder of

I’m one of those lucky people who feel as if anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

No wonder I was a little surprised by how difficult creating the life of your dreams can be. As a young man I realized that no matter what I wanted to do, life was going to get in the way.

I discovered something else; Life Begins When You Move!

Yes, that’s just a pretty way of reminding myself to get off my butt, out the door, and pursue my dreams. It’s the simplest success recipe ever created – Stand Up, Take a Step, and REPEAT!

Do that; the rest takes care of itself.

Scott Smith

I grew up on the banks of Bull Run Creek in Manassas, Virginia. After graduation, I headed to Fort Lauderdale to attend broadcast school.  It was there that I met a girl – with blue eyes, blond hair, a beautiful smile, a dark tan, and seemed to live in her bikini most of the time. Her name was Sheryl, and I married two years later and spent the next 30 years together while I started my career. I worked as a radio personality, on-camera spokesperson, actor, and voiceover talent. A few years later I formed a production company in Orlando. Our team produced thousands of radio, television, and a couple of independent film projects.  She was also with me when I got fat.

I should mention that I have struggled with weight most of my life. Discovering cinnamon toast in 5th grade. The free pizza at radio stations and mounds of food provided by television and film production catering departments didn’t help matters. They say the camera adds 15 pounds. It’s not true. It’s the food I put in my mouth.

Over the years I blew up from my normal 170 pounds to 248. I also had the bonus of high blood pressure and owning nothing that fit.  Enough was enough, especially after my doctor threatened me with medication. I made the decision that it was time to motivate myself back to the gym and get control of my body.

For the next two months, I exercised in group fitness classes, stuck to a strict diet, and dropped 40 pounds. Within a year I dropped 80 pounds and returned to my happy weight. People noticed, and my next career began when I was invited to teach the same classes I had been taking.

Over the years I have always believed in the power of motivation and education. I was lucky to have had mentors share books and tapes, and coach me on the ways of success. Working at the Motivation Radio Station in Fort Lauderdale allow me to immerse myself in everything motivation. It was a dream job.

Now, I found myself incorporating my personal development training into my classes. I became an NLP Practitioner, Advanced Certified Personal Trainer, AFFA Group Fitness Instructor, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Then, I combined my radio, voiceover, and production skills to create a class experience that was unlike any other.

Motivation To Move was born.

What started as a group of folks who came for exercise evolved into so much more. I discovered podcasting in 2005. The Motivation To Move Minutes and the Motivation To Move Show expanded my reach around the world.

Our business became official on September 6, 2006, when our first 30 members joined us. It was also the same day that we were moving out of our home and heading off on a new adventure. We opened in the morning, unplugged the computers, and starting tossing boxes in the truck.

That’s when my life took a turn that would change me forever.

After a long day of moving, I dropped off a load of furniture at my daughter’s house. It was 1 am in the morning when my phone rang. Sheryl was on the other end and said, “Scott, I don’t feel well. I’m scared.” I took a deep breath, jumped in my car and drove 100 miles through the night to meet her at the hospital.

Sheryl had survived Cancer five years before. While all had been well, we had seen signs of its return and were setting appointments. The activities of the day provided enough stress to move things along.

Sheryl was the spiritual leader of our family and worked as a Reiki healer.

She was a teacher and a strong and beautiful woman. Her legacy is the lessons she taught us about living our life to the fullest. They have allowed my family not only to go on but to do so with zest and true enjoyment of the life experience. I have continued on our path to building All these years later I have produced over 9,000 podcast episodes. I have delivered over 20 million downloads and a thriving community and business. I’ve spoken on stages around the world. Coaching and mentoring thousands of people on a personal basis has been a true honor.

And, I haven’t done it alone.

Shortly after Sheryl passed, I met Joi. We married 14 months later. I’m a lucky guy. I’ve only dated two women in my life and married both of them. There is no doubt that somebody is watching over me.

My kids, Austin and Carlyn, got married in the last few years, and there are now three grandchildren. Joi’s kids, Erick and Alayna are busy building successful careers.

I continue to be a freedom and life-loving junkie.  My job allows me to inspire folks around the world while living my passion. I fly airplanes, ride motorcycles, and travel the country in my motorhome. My Australian Shepard and I compete in agility competitions. And, I spend as much time as possible enjoying my family at every chance possible. For me, there’s no other option.

Now you know what I’m so passionate about helping others live the life of their dreams.