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Reach Your Dreams By Avoiding Resistance

Does this happen to you?

A great idea pops into your head. Your heart fills with excitement. Nothing can stop you – except that you feel like you are stuck in quicksand. The more you fight, the deeper you sink. The only way out seems to be to give up on your dream – again.

Let’s not do that this time.

Feeling inspired to make a change in your life is terrific. It can also be scary. The result is nearly always feeling a sense of resistance as you move forward.

This happens because your mind is wired to survive. That means avoiding anything bad and seeking everything good. Until you know it’s good for sure, everything is bad.  

Resistance is the automatic result.

When you are ready to act on your inspiration, focus on the good coming and do your best to resist your natural inclination to fall to the evil power of resistance. 

You could say, “It’s about resisting your resistance.”  

Inspiration Without Resistance. That’s how you live the life you’ve always wanted.