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Self-Inflicted Changes ROCK

A couple of years ago, the world changed when we were all introduced to Coronavirus. It was as if we were racing down the Interstate at 75 miles per hour, slammed on our breaks, and directed off the nearest exit on an undefined detour. It all seemed to happen in an instant.

The pandemic caused real pain and loss for some. Fear and stress for others. Still, as surreal as it was, it wasn’t long before most people began to notice the craziness of our previous lives replaced with a ‘new normal’ – one that felt more like a ‘new nothing.’

Much to our surprise, life slowed to a crawl, schedules changed, and we found contentment by not chasing every shiny object that life presented. The pandemic pause caused people to reevaluate life from the inside out. While it happens all the time, this time, we noticed it.

How many times have you found yourself in an impossible situation that ended with one action?

You paid off debt, quit a job, you said goodbye to a bad relationship?

How many times have you decided to try something new, and the past instantly disappeared?

Did you decide to move into a new home, start your own business, or return to school?

How many times have the worst pains and your biggest joys been the catalyst of an exciting new beginning?

A death, wedding, or the birth of a new child?

While some situations in life are unpredictable, the lessons learned and wisdom gleamed remind us that anything can and will change in an instant.

Knowing that grants you immense power over your destiny – especially if it’s self-inflicted and you are in control.