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Change Anything in 3 Steps

Is a title like “Three Steps Required to Change Anything” an oversimplification of what it takes to get what you want?Or… is it the acceptance that everything is simple – until we complicate it?If you guess the second, you will get along just fine.So, what are those three steps?The first step to getting anything you want is to KNOW what you want. Many will argue that the first step is the most difficult. Like they say, “work with the outcome in mind.” I don’t see it this way and believe it’s not more complicated than what follows.Next, you need to know how to accomplish your goal by establishing a framework or roadmap. No, you won’t see every step you must take, but unless you are living under a rock, you will know the significant accomplishments that must happen. Just look around, and you’ll see them everywhere.Finally, you must take consistent and disciplined action toward your goal with every waking moment. You take longer to reach your outcome every time you allow your focus to drift.So, there it is. While many nuances will challenge you, the basic steps to getting what you want are simple -Know it. Map it. Do it.