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How to Succeed at Your Job

Have you ever wondered how to become one of those happy and successful people you see everywhere?You might say, “Hmm… what are they doing that I’m not doing?” You might find a clue if you listen to Bill Belichick, the Coach of the New England Patriots.He says, “DO YOUR JOB!”It’s a simple Manta that means you have an assignment and need to execute it.If you have dreams and aspirations, your assignment is to go after it. You need to execute it.If you want a better job or promotion, your assignment is to do the work. You need to execute it.If you want to step up and make more money driving for Uber – you have an assignment. You need to execute it.Anything is possible when you understand your JOB to make it happen. DO YOUR JOB! The rest will take care of itself.