Journey. Destination. Repeat.

Life is a long and winding road. It has many ups and downs and a few surprises along the way. Here’s what you can expect: 1) Follow your passion, and the money will arrive. It may take longer than you think. It may be less than you think. It doesn’t matter. You’ll be happy.2) Nothing will happen until you move from daydreaming to daily action.3) The road will be rough. Then it will smooth out. Then it will be wild again.4) Whatever path you thought you would travel will change.5) You will find speed limits. Sometimes you will move slowly. Sometimes fast. Pay attention to the signs that arrive in your life.6) Frustration will be a constant companion. So will excitement.7) You must be strong to stay focused on the big picture.8) When you arrive, you will find yourself seeking another adventure. Success is a journey that brings out the best in you. Arriving at your destination will make you desire another journey. Stay busy, my friend.