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Escaping Life’s Holding Pattern and Breaking Free

When I learned to fly little airplanes, my training took me into Holding Patterns.

Holding Patterns slow aircraft traffic and keep things safe. When a pilot is told to enter a Hold, that’s where they stay—flying in circles until Air Traffic Control releases them.

That sure sounds a lot like regular life these days.

I remember flying a Holding Pattern with my instructor. We were there longer than usual, so I asked, what is taking so long? He said, “Why don’t you call them up and tell them you need to get moving?”

A few minutes later, I called ATC on the radio and instantly was cleared to head toward my destination – with an apology for the delay.

I’ve never forgotten the lesson.

Even in with everything that has happened over the last few years, there’s no reason to be stuck in a Holding Pattern. When you decide it’s time to get moving, magical things happen.