Using A Big Stick To Get People Moving

Don’t you hate it when you try to get others on board with your vision, and you can’t get their attention?

You have all the urgency in the world, but sometimes, others seem to be taking a stroll in the park.

The solution might be using a big stick.

A daily ritual is to take my dogs for a walk on the trails on my property. We’ve done the same path so many times they know exactly where we are heading. To them, it’s what they do every day. They are in no hurry, and the walk becomes their version of a stroll in the park.

Have you noticed that life can be that way too?

Whether you have employees, family, friends – even waiting for a price check at your local Walmart, strolling along with no sense of urgency can be frustrating.

On that day, I decided I needed something to move things along, so I picked up a big stick.

First, I offered to let my dog Chloe grab the stick in her mouth so I could drag her down the trail. That worked until she tired of being pulled.

Next, I used the stick to herd her from behind. That worked until she got tired of being pushed.

Finally, I handed Chole the stick to see what would happen.

Without hesitation, she raised her head, wagged her tail, and trotted down the trail with her new prize. She kept going, without interruption, all the way home.

It’s all about self-motivation.

When you figure out how to inspire that in others, not only will your life be less stressful, you will get everything you want. Remember that pulling and pushing will only get you so far. A better option is to inspire others to run on their own.

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