Transitioning Your Life

What’s the most exciting and scary thing you can do in life? Deciding to change everything and turn your dreams into reality will get your attention.

What if you believe in your goal but lack the confidence to achieve your goal?

Your day-to-day actions are a result of your Inner Guiding Values. They are the principles that define you. If you seek anything outside your routine, you are going to feel uncomfortable. 

Transitional Values are your solution. They are how you re-define who you are in small steps. 

You may have an affirmation, “I fly airplanes, and I am an awesome pilot.” I bet you are going to feel a little out of your league the first time you step in an airplane. However…

“I’m learning to fly airplanes, and I am working toward being an awesome pilot” is very different. It is also less stressful, something you can imagine, and much more doable.

Why jump from change-to-change. That is scary. It’s more fun to transition in small steps until you get what you want. Remember – life is a marathon. 

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