The past months have created a massive disruption in our lives. Why not taking advantage of the journey back to normal and switch things up?

Whether you want a few tweaks or total reinvention – the process is the same: 

1) You must first acknowledge something needs changing. Listen to your gut.

2) Be honest. Your inner thoughts and feelings are real. They are telling you what you desire. Honor them.  

3) Clearly understand WHY you want to reinvent. It creates excitement the power that will move you forward.

4) Ask yourself, “What ONE thing can I do, or NOT do, that will have the most significant and immediate impact on my life?”  

5) Set an initial sprint goal of at least 90 days.

6) Define what actions you will take to drive your goal and take action daily.

Sometimes you must start a journey without knowing your destination. Begin with what you know. Explore the possibilities until you discover your path.