Success Equation

August 8, 2018

When I was in school, I never saw the point of being good at Math.  In my mind, success was about people, not about numbers.  But, there is one equation I use every day of my life.

Problem + Cost = Opportunity.

That little equation will open more doors than you ever thought possible.  It’s simple.

Everybody has a problem that is getting in the way.  It could be lack of money, time, or freedom.  It could also be an air conditioner has stopped working on a hot Summer day.

If you want more personal and business success, here’s how:

1) Recognize the problem.

2) Identify what the problem is costing them.

3) Present your solution and show them how you will solve the problem and eliminate the cost.

It’s that easy.

Everybody has challenges.  When you step up to solve them for someone else, you create an opportunity for yourself.

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