Saying What’s Needed

In Tim Ferris’s books the 4-Hour Workweek, he spoke about  Uncomfortable Conversations.

Uncomfortable Conversations are great for pointing out the elephant in the room.  The one that nobody wants to acknowledge.  They are about clearing the air, understanding, and knowing where others stand. 

Here’s how to master this skill:

1) Be direct and to the point.  Say, “We need to chat.  You might feel uncomfortable at first, but everything will be okay.”

2) Ask your question or make your statement.  Keep it real, and don’t stop until you’ve completed your thought.

3)  Once you’ve said what’s on your mind, ask for feedback and head toward a solution.

I prefer to call this an ”Uncomfortable Confirmation.” From this point forward, everybody knows exactly where the other stands.  You’ll feel much better about yourself and your relationships.

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