Reduce Your Stress By Reducing Your Stuff

Every day, we live in a world full of events, challenges, and people that cause us stress in our lives. Sometimes it may seem impossible to eliminate the cause, but that is what you can and should be doing.

Sometimes that takes time.

Your subconscious mind always listens and filters the world around you. That means that you are forming opinions. Thoughts are racing. Actions happening. Usually, without knowing why, you are feeling stressed to the max. When you finally recognize what is going on, it’s time to take action.

I spoke with a client when she mentioned she was having challenges with one of her clients. He was stressing her out and had been doing it for years. She was working up the courage to have a conversation to work things out. Something that was stressing her out even more.

When she asked my advice, I said –

“How he is treating you is wrong. Anybody can see that. He’s doing it on purpose or is unaware. It is still unacceptable and unsustainable. You need to bring it to his attention, reset expectations, and prepared to move on.

“Move on?” she said.

“Yes, move one, but you won’t have to if he values your service. If he’s unaware, he’ll thank you for pointing it out and change his behavior. If it’s purposeful behavior, he’ll recognize those days have come to an end and will change his behavior.”

“What happens if he doesn’t want to change?

That’s simple.

“He’ll either quit, or you’ll replace him with another client who values and respects what you can do for him. You can only win.”

My client had that conversation and put everything on the table. They both decided to continue working together, and all is well.

If anything is stressing you, you can and should eliminate the source as soon as possible. Life is too short to be stress out.

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