Productivity of Simplicity

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I flew to Amarillo, Texas for a client visit a few years ago.  He picked me up at the airport and said, “I hope you don’t mind riding along – I have three things to do today.”

Three things?  That’s it?

The first was a bank deposit.  The second was my payment.  I was waiting for the third when he said, “That’s it, my friend.  The rest of my day is all about you.

Yes, our project for the day included a thousand tasks.  It didn’t matter.  In our minds, we only had one thing left on our list.

Since then I’ve never scheduled more than three projects per day.  Twenty-one per week.  Ninety per month.  Over one thousand per year.

So simple.  So productive.

Want to get more done?  Focus on three main projects a day.  Stress will disappear.  Productivity will skyrocket.  You’ll be happier.

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