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How To Find Yourself

November 4, 2019

Are you the kind of person who can’t decide what to do with your life?

Are you fearful of pulling the trigger and going for it?

It can be scary to start something new – especially if you don’t know how well you’ll like your new lifestyle.

Why not explore the possibilities with no commitment?

Instead of charging forward into the unknown, why not take the fear away and test your new experience first? If it’s a keeper, keep moving in that direction. If not, test something else.

Most everything in your life has happened because you stumbled into it and decided to stick with it. Why change what works?

Most Productive Week Ever

October 28, 2019

What if you could have the most productive week ever?

The solution is simple; get ahead of the game before the game begins.

It works like this:

1) List your short and long-term goals. 

2) Decide what past achievements you enjoy and that you want to continue as you pursue new adventures.

3) Decide what future goals you are ready to ‘activate’ and achieve – NOW!

4) Next week begins this week. Thursday is your new planning day. That’s when you plan how your goals will fit into next week.

5) Get up on Monday morning, ready to ROCK!

9 Personal Development Principles You Need

October 24, 2019

You may have heard that you will elevate your station in life to the degree that you elevate yourself.

Personal Development is how you do that.

Here are some easy ideas to move you forward:

1) Acknowledge that all emotions come from within you.

2) Seek out someone you respect. Use them to stay honest.

3) Recognize there is life after failure.

4) Read purposefully. Apply your knowledge.

5) Challenge yourself to be brutally honest.

6) Reflect on what you spend the most time on.

7) Remind yourself: you weren’t meant to procrastinate.

8) Put the phone away. Be present.

9) Remind yourself that time is your most precious resource.

Can you imagine how much you can change in your life when you live by those principles?

Don’t Like Who You Are? Change Who You Are!

October 23, 2019

If you are unhappy with who you have become in life, there is a simple question that will redirect you –

What do you want to be different than it is now?

Every choice you have made has put you where you are. If you want something different, all you have to do is make different choices.

Yes, it is that simple.

Different choices mean a different direction. A whole new world is waiting for you.

Who will you become today?

Emotional Trigger Mastery

October 22, 2019

Do you ever find yourself emotionally triggered and tossed off track for the entire day?

You are an emotional person. When emotions keep you from logically navigating your day, problems begin.

How do you control being triggered?

1) Identify what triggers a response that you want or don’t want to experience. 

2) Decide how you want to feel when triggered. Make a plan to respond.

3) The next time you are triggered, recognize what is happening and execute your plan.

Identify. Decide. Respond.

The more you catch what emotionally triggers you, the more control will have over how you feel. That is true power. 

Eliminate Distraction The Easy Way

October 21, 2019

Getting what you want in life requires one thing. Focus.

It’s a simple fact; you get what you focus on. 

But how do you get focused when distraction is everywhere?

That’s is easy.

If you feel like you are wondering and wobbling on your life journey, there are two questions you should ask:

1) Am I wondering and wobbling because that’s what I want to do?

2) If not, what SHOULD I be focusing on right now?

Distractions are the same as a focus – only pointed in the wrong direction. A quick adjustment is all it takes to get yourself back on track.

Steps of Change

October 15, 2019

Is there something you would like to change about your life?

Stop smoking, lose weight, get a better job?

No matter what you choose, you will always climb the steps of change.

Stage One: Known as Pre-contemplation. This stage appears when an idea pops into your head for the first time.

Stage Two: Contemplation. This middle ground is where most folks get stuck. It can go on for a lifetime.

Stage Three: Determination. You’ve made up your mind and begin preparing for what is to come.

Stage Four: You get started. You are in action mode. There is no turning back.

Stage Five: Maintenance mode. Your job is to keep what you have. This stage may also last your entire life.

5-Minute Focus

October 14, 2019

It’s the world’s simplest recipe for success; Stand up, take a step, REPEAT! 

A member wrote asking the best use of that simple advice:

1) Stop what you are doing. Block out everything. Focus on YOU.

2) Find a place where nobody will interrupt you for 5 minutes.

3) Ask yourself, “How is my life going?” Open your mind and let your thoughts flow into the different areas and roles of your life. Bring them into focus.

4) For things going well, continue your momentum. For areas of concern, ask,” What CAN I do to make it better?”

5) Immediately take action based on your answers.

Checking in with yourself 5-minutes a day is all it takes to stay focused and on track toward your goals.

No Stress To-Do List

October 9, 2019

Are you spending your day chasing checkmarks? Are you trying to finish your never-ending to To-Do List?

Most people tend to add to their list without thinking much about it. Then they check their list to remind them how much they haven’t done. That will ruin your day.

A better way is to think of your list as “Did-I-Do-It-List.” While it may seem the same, there is an important difference.

Instead of feeling bound to your list, your new mindset is simple. Check your list to make sure you did what you planned.

I’ll let you decide.

Are you less stressed when you try to keep up with life?

Or are you less stressed when you see how much progress you have made? 

How To Feel 16 Again

October 8, 2019

Growing up, sure can get in the way of your dreams. It’s sad how so many goals get pushed aside for daily responsibilities. 

Think about this –

When you were 16, the only freedoms you enjoyed were what your parents allowed. When you grow up, you have total freedom and complete control.

If you could live today like you were 16, it might look like this –

You would go to school and educate yourself.

Your friends would be real friends. Not just people you met at the office.

You would dream about your future.

You would be excited about what was to come in life.

You wouldn’t be allowed to drink. Your mind would be clear.

You would embrace having fun for the fun of it.

You couldn’t and wouldn’t get in debt.

You would sleep. A lot.

The job you have today would have felt like a prison. Does it?

You would busy yourself all day with LIFE.

Eliminate Confusion. Create Your Plan. Get Motivated.

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