Plugging Into Simple

A couple of days ago, I called a friend in Connecticut. I wanted to catch up and see if we could solve the problems of the world over the course of a phone call. 

When he picked up the phone, I asked what he was doing to save the world? 

Yes, I was somewhat joking, but his answer didn’t surprise me. 

“I only watch 20-minutes of news a day – enough to stay in touch. I write, get my work done, and help my kids with school. In general, I’m doing everything I can to stay grounded. You’re lucky I picked up the phone. How about you?”

I told him that he was lucky that I decided to call in the first place. I’m doing the same – except that I’m playing with my dogs and not kids. I refuse to get on the crazy carousel that most folks are riding right now.

I don’t think we saved the world, but we are saving ourselves and each other.

In this crazy plugged in and agenda-driven world, make sure that you plug into the simple joys of life. It’s good for you.

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