In times like these, it’s easy to find yourself with more negative thoughts than usual. 

When I was training my Pilot Certificate, I was surprised by the emphasis put on the health of a pilots’ state of mind. Negative thoughts are hazardous to flying – and life in general. 

The next time you are feeling a negative thought nudging its way into your day, try this:

1) Recognize it. The first step toward neutralizing hazardous negative thinking is to recognize it.

2) Label it. Identify why the lousy thought is coming into your mind and slap a label on it. When you know what to call it, you’ll know what to do next.

3) Prescribe an antidote that will make the underlying cause go away and wash away the negative.

It can be easy to get caught up negative and find yourself overwhelmed. Taking a few minutes to follow these steps will make room for more positive in your life.