Maintaining Self Discipline When Bored

If you ask any successful person what is most important to achieving goals, they will say two things:

1) Self-Discipline is number one. If you can’t get yourself to do what is necessary, nobody will do it for you.

2) The person with the most self-discipline wins. 

At the gym, office, school, everywhere. The person who puts in the effort always rises to the top.

Since most of us are in self-quarantine at home, now it might be useful to master self-discipline.

1) Decide on your goal and allow yourself to feel the pleasure and excitement of living it every day.  

2) Shift your focus to the pain you will feel if you don’t get it. Get mad. Get upset. Get determined to create it.

3) Prioritize your daily actions so that everything else is less important than your goal.

You will always work harder to avoid pain than to get pleasure. Harness that power to get what you want.

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