Is It Finally Time To...

Face Your Passion?

Is Life Getting In The Way?

Let me get something straight from the beginning. Life gets in the way for everybody! Some folks figure out how to control the crazy. Some don't.

My mission is to help you get what you want. I can't do everything for you, but I will show you how others succeed and get happy. Before I continue - I have an admission to make.

I am a life-loving freedom junkie. I'm driven to be as happy as possible during my short time on this planet - and I'll do whatever it takes.

Frankly, it's a way of thinking that has caused some to call me a renegade. Do I look like a renegade?

I just realized a long time ago that we all get to choose how we live our lives.

Scott Smith

What I Learned From Hosting 10,000 Podcasts

Daily Boost Podcast

Hi, my name is Scott Smith. You may have heard my name. I'm the Founder and Chief Motivating Officer of, and the host of The Daily Boost Podcast - the most downloaded daily motivation podcast in the history of podcasting.

Over the years, I've recorded over 10,000 podcasts and recently crossed 38 million downloads. It's been a heck of a journey - and thousands of lives have been changes along the way.

Since 2006, those little 9-minute Daily Boost programs have allowed me to work with great folks worldwide. I get to help them become who they were meant to be - not who they've become.

I've connected with lots of folks. On the phone, stage, in a hallway, by chance at a Coffee Shop - everywhere. I've also heard every dream, every excuse, and lots of frustration.

I Discovered My Average Perfect Day

Like lots of folks, I didn't plan to be here in my life. A Podcaster, Speaker, Coach. Nope. I didn't have a master plan. I was living life, exploring the possibilities, and looking for my purpose. That's when my wife and I found ourselves in a Coffee Shop, brainstorming our dreams.

In our travels, we had seen so many people who had the freedom to design their life. We liked what we saw. We wanted that for ourselves. We also did not want to get trapped in a corporate cubicle like so many of our friends.

One day, after too many cups of coffee, she said, "You like to help people, and you like to talk. That's what you do everywhere we go. You're good at it. Maybe we should open a Coffee Shop, so you have a place to talk?"

That sounded great - for a minute. However, since I'm not an early riser, it didn't feel like a good fit - and it didn't matter. The idea had taken root, and my mind was looking for a path.

That's when I discovered podcasting.

Winging It Is NOT A Master Plan

I've always believed that nobody can plan a future that they've never lived entirely. How can you possibly know what to do with no experience? Sometimes we only need to find a starting point. That's what podcasting did for me.

Entering the podcast world has allowed me to communicate with tens-of-thousands of people every day. I speak on stages around the globe and regularly coached and consulted individuals, groups, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Along the way, I've built a long-running online business, created continuous residual income, and have 100% control my schedule - the essential part. 

None of it was part of a master plan. 

It all came about from a willingness to face my passion and a desire to live it daily. 

I decided to do what makes my heart sing - and you can too.

Over the years, as my business grew, more folks asked to hire me. My rates climbed to as much as $5,000 per month. I worked as much as I desired.

I taught my clients the same strategies I used in my life. It wasn't long before they began to see great results. They were figuring out what they wanted. They were turning it into reality. They were facing their passion.

One day, a client said, "you need to document everything you teach so more folks can benefit from your insight" Face Your Passion was born.


Face Your Passion... is a near replica of the journey you would experience with as one of my clients - all wrapped up in a transformational roadmap for you to follow at your own pace.

Face Your Passion... is the next-best-thing to one-on-one coaching. I guarantee the tools and strategies in this course will change the way you look at your entire world. Your head is going to be spinning with excitement a few minutes into Module One. It's that powerful.

Face Your Passion is... a complete transformational coaching system.

Part One: Discover What You Want in Life

Module One: Mastering Your Mindset

As you begin to Face Your Passion, the first thing you will do is get a handle on your current mindset, and the mindset that you need to accomplish your goals. This is where you review your past belief system and begin to develop a new way of thinking. You start to understand what's been blocking you - and a bunch more.

Why YOU Are THE Most Important Person in Your Life

How To Discover Who You Really Are

Where Your Passion Comes From

How to KNOW What You Really Love

Defining Your Path To Achieve Your Passion

Empowering Yourself With The Courage To Change

Seeing The BIG Picture. Knowing Where To Start

Create Your "Average Perfect Day"

Module Two: Discovering What's Important

Face Your Passion is about discovering what's important to you, creating a plan, and implementing your plan. In Module Two, you'll begin to find out what is driving you from the inside. You'll also learn how to adjust and focus that drive in the correct direction. Yes, you're going on a deep dive -

Discover Your Personal Guiding Values

Narrow Down The Top 12 Values That Guide Your Life

Learn To Trust Your Inner Feelings

Understanding the "Goal Setting Experience"

How To Identify Goals So You Won’t Waste Your Time

Master The Complete, Step-By-Step Goal Setting Process.

Nurture The Happiness That is Inside of You

Part Two: Create Your New Life

Module Three: Clear the Clutter

When you first begin to Face Your Passion, you will likely have a hectic and cluttered life. You have no room or time to get anything done. That's normal. We tend to spend most of our time adding more stuff to your life - which complicates getting what you want. It's time to fix that -

Why You Must Clear a Path To Your Success

Creating More Time To Enjoy What You Love

How To Clear The Clutter From Your Life

Removing Life-Long Limits & Constraints

The Simple Trick To Making Difficult Decisions Quickly

Getting Organized To Move Forward

Honoring The "Clarity Formula"

Making Sure Your Values Align With Your Passions

How To Align Your Goals With Your Passions

Module Four: Prepare To Live Your Passion

Now that Face Your Passion has helped you get your mindset and figure out what you want in life, it's time to prepare to LIVE IT! It's time to master your focus, balance your life, and get moving.  Don't worry - you'll be so motivated it'll be easy as you learn -

The Truth About Living Your Dreams That Other Don't Know

Why You MUST Slow Down To Reach Your Destination

Why You Must Begin With a Single Step

What To Do What When Life Gets In The Way

How To Achieve a Balanced Personal & Work Life

How To Go Directly To Your Goals

Why Most Things Make NO Difference

The Power of Quick Focus

Why Success is Going To Be Messy

Making Time For Everything You Love

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Building Your Bridge From Your Old Life, To Your New

Harnessing The Power of Transitional Identities To Propel You

Part Three: Real World Living

Module Five: Your Life. Your Way.

The real power of Face Your Passion is its ability to help you lay a great foundation, prepare for the future, and make sure you stick with it when the rubber hits the road. Now, it's time to enjoy the coolness of life, keep things simple, nurture friends and family, and have a great time.

Why It's All About Living Life Your Way

Developing Top of Mind Awareness Throughout Your Day

Harnessing The Power of Traditions and Rituals

Learning To Create Great Memories For Yourself And Others

Surviving The Storms of Life That Will Make You Stronger

Why Consistency Will Lead To All Success

How To Simplify Your Life

Using Automation And Scale To Enjoy More Time

Nurturing Great Family And Friends

How To Say NO And Mean It

Module Six: Getting Into ACTION

All success and happiness begin when you Face Your Passion... and take ACTION toward your goals. Don't let that scare you. Face Your Passion is all about focusing your daily actions in the direction of your goals. Now that you know where you are heading, the rest will be easy.  You're about to learn life-changing skills -

Installation, Integration, Migration of Life Systems

The Magic Formula: Intention. Decision. Action

Creating Your Personal Recipe For Who YOU Are

Discovering More Clues To Your Happiness

Why Not All Opportunity is Good For You

Harnessing The Power of The Butterfly Effect.

Building The Momentum of a Freight Train

How To Defend Your Passion From Those Who Want To Stop You

Nurturing Great Family And Friends

Why You MUST Be Your Own Best Cheerleader

What's It Going To Be Like?

I've worked with thousands of folks with Face Your Passion. I know it will work for you. That being said, would you like to know what your experience is going to be?

Module One

You're going to be a little confused when you begin - and a LOT excited.

Somewhere in the middle of Module One, you are going to relax. You'll begin to see your path. You'll understand that the missing information you've been looking for is not far away. 

When you create your Average Perfect Day, you will be thrilled by what is possible. It'll be a good feeling.

Module Two

Before you can move forward, you need to understand what is driving your search - and why. 

Module Two will teach you how to discover the inner feelings that have directed everything to this point. You'll begin to understand how to use them to guide your future. 

When you begin the Goal Setting section, you'll start to visualize the actions you'll be taking and how much fun life will be.

Module Three

You're going to feel a HUGE sense of relief when you begin to clear the clutter from your life. 

As you recognize and remove obstacles, you'll start to move forward automatically. Most of the frustration you've been living with will disappear. 

You're excited. I'm excited.

Module Four

You have finally found something that is working for you - let's keep it that way. 

By this point in Face Your Passion, you will know what you want your life to be. You will have a solid foundation. You will be excited about beginning your journey. 

Now, you'll prepare to take on the challenges that will come your way.

Module Five

Life is all about experiences, memories, traditions, and rituals. It's also about the occasional storm. By this point in Face your Passion, you will feel prepared to take on whatever life brings your way - as long as you get to live the life you desire. 

This is the fun part. 

You feel empowered and moving. You are becoming who you were meant to be, and it feels great.

Module Six

You have begun to live your new life daily. You may feel like you are still preparing, but you start to notice that things are different than they used to be. 

Now, you are looking to defend your life choice. Please keep it going. Expand your vision, and enjoy life even more. 

It's been a journey, but you've only just begun to experience the life of your dreams.


RISK-FREE 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Let's keep things simple.

I believe in you and in Face Your Passion. I've also been doing business online for over a decade and have built a solid reputation.

Try Face Your Passion, on me. Get inside, take the lessons, implement, learn, dream, have fun. 

Really! Please get in there and use it for a full 30 days. Use those 30 days to decide.

If you feel that you're not seeing the value or feel it's not right for you, whatever the reason, get in touch within those 30 days and give you your money back.

Simple as that.

No pressure, no stress, no worries.

So I want you to know I truly have your back here.

I want to make sure that this is as risk-free as possible so that you can get in there and explore for a full 4 weeks.

So even if you're on the fence about this, you can grab your copy and take 30 days to decide whether it's right for you.

What's Included in Face Your Passion


Face Your Passion gives you everything you need to transform your life in a complete and fun course.  Frankly, it's as close as you can get to working with me in my 1-on-1 coaching sessions.  Those are usually 3 months and would cost you $3,600.  You don't have to pay that with Face Your Passion. 

Here's how to get access right away.

  • Instant Access 24 Hours a Day

    Get started instantly. Within minutes we'll send you access to the course section of  Once you get logged in you'll have access to everything.
  • Video Learning Is Powerful

    Face Your Passion is spread out over 6 video modules.  There are over 9 hours of training that is intended to take 3 months to complete.  You can follow our suggestion or power your way through it in a weekend. Face Your Passion is a digital program so everything is on-demand.
  • Soak Up Amazing Group Coaching Sessions

    Face Your Passion was designed to consume one module per week and join a coaching call the following.  That's how 6 modules become 12 weeks.  Once you are part of the program you'll find the group call archive to be invaluable. Load up the MP3 audio files and listen in the car, at the gym, or wherever you learn best.
  • Audio and Transcriptions

    We understand that you're already busy.  This has to be easy.  That's why you enjoy the video training as well as the MP3 audio version of the program.  If you're a reader just grab the PDF transcriptions.  They're great for making notes.
  • Worksheets & Problem Solvers

    We want you to succeed so you'll also get the same Worksheets and Problem Solves I give to my clients.  Develop, visualize, and create your perfect day.  Discover your "Core Values." Learn to integrate your Goals and Values into the real world. Create your "Recipe For Success and much more.  I promise that all this deep digging will result in the transformation you're seeking.
    Are you ready?
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Are You Ready To Face Your Passion?

I hope you can see the power of my Face Your Passion program to transform your life - into whatever you desire.

Depending on where your mindset is today, you might have a hard time believing that you really can design the life you desire. I get it. Most folks feel that way until they begin updating their mindset.

Face Your Passion is merely a new mindset. It's a toolset. It's strategies and coaching. And, it's an emotional support system designed to get you through the process. You'll find it to be compelling.

Why not get started today?

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