Entrepreneurial Friday – Tech Overwhelm

I’ve decided to change things ups a bit at the end of the week.

Friday is the day of the week that is 100% unscheduled and freeform. I use them to get things done… or go to the beach. 

After receiving lots of emails, I’ve decided that my fellow business owners, and hard workers everywhere, could use to have a few questions answered.

Dan writes –

Hello, I’m a member of Motivation To Move and have a suggestion that is of interest to me.

How do you deal with tech intruding on your life?

I’m not only talking about cell phones, computers, and social media.

I’m talking about when you update your WordPress site, and it crashes.

I’m talking about getting strange emails from random people that immediately demand your attention.

I’m talking about other tech issues that require enormous amounts of time to fix but have little interest to other people but are necessary to complete as a business owner in 2021.

I’m talking about things that take you out of the “real world” and put you into the virtual troubleshooting process. Wasting lots and lots of time out of your control.

Thanks, Dan

Okay, Dan. Here are my thoughts…

I’m going to employ some good old-fashion Scott LOGIC –

On the tech front, cell phones, computers, social media, you need to practice tech hygiene. That is, conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, primarily through cleanliness. That means to cut your umbilical cord and default to off. Turn things off more often than you turn things on.

How about updates and WordPress crashes?

The first answer is to get somebody else to do it. People everywhere don’t see that as a problem; they see it as a paycheck. The second answer, get a good Host who makes sure things don’t break. Third, defer to the first.

How about strange emails from random people that immediately demand your attention?

There is no law the requires you to open an email because somebody randomly sent it to you. Set up solid filters, and don’t be afraid to use the trash. For everything else, if you are proactive, there is never an email that needs an immediate response. Schedule hours in the day to respond and stick with it.

You get the life that you choose. If something feels unsustainable, it’s not. Choose to focus your efforts on doing what you love.

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