Entering Someone Else’s Story

August 3, 2018

In coaching calls, I say, “You need to meet others where they are if you want to connect.”

Which is often followed by, “Why should I do that? I’m trying to get what I want.”

Seriously.  I hear that.  Let me explain:

1) Every person on the planet plays the Hero in their own story.  You are the star of your own movie.

2)  In day-to-day interactions, everything you do is to serve yourself first.  It is a primitive survival behavior.

3) If you want someone involved in your story, you must first insert yourself in their story.  When they see the connection, they will do the same for you.  That’s how relationships are born.

Your story.  Their story.  Our story.  That’s the way life works.  Any other path goes against human survival instinct.

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