Eliminating Procrastination The Easy Way

August 10, 2018

Are you a member of the Procrastination Club?

Procrastination is the intentional and habitual postponement of an essential task.

Is that what you are doing?

It may be similar to that.

Even if you are putting things off, it is possible that you are not procrastinating at all.  In fact, you may be forcing yourself to do something that you don’t need or want to do anyway.

Yes, you must complete some tasks to get ahead in life.  That’s called being a responsible person.

If your list of un-done keeps getting longer, it’s time to ask yourself –

Is what you’re procrastinating essential and do I need to do it at all?

It’s not always procrastination.  If it means something to you, you’ll always do it.  If not, get rid of it.

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