Eliminate Distraction and Stay Focused

Distractions are omnipresent – they’re an unavoidable part of our lives. They also keep us from getting what we want. So how do we focus? How do we buckle down and ask ourselves “Am I getting what I want?” In this episode of Daily Boost Premium Premium, Scott talks about managing ever-present distractions in order to become focused.
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Time-Stamped Notes

  • 01:03 – Scott’s idea of success isn’t necessarily money – it’s getting out of bed, having an idea of how he wants his life to be, and making it happen.
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  • 02:04 – Check out Click Coaching on motivationtomove.com. (It’s at the bottom of the website.)
  • 02:45 – If you don’t sit down and ask yourself “Am I getting what I want?” Nobody else will do it; they’re focused on themselves.
  • 03:29 – Most people roll through their day not asking about what is really going on with their desires.
  • 04:08 – Focus is the key to all success. What you focus on is what you’ll get. But oftentimes, we’re not focusing on what we think we are.
  • 05:25 – If you focus – by default, distractions disappear.
  • 06:14 – But at the same time, perfect focus is impossible. Distractions in life are omnipresent. The trick is to accept and manage them.
  • 07:22 – When you’re distracted, it’s important to realize it and to refocus.
  • 07:34 – Some distractions are too big or time-consuming. This may be because it’s something that requires your focus.
  • 08:14 – What you focus on either gets done or gets put out of the way – as long as you keep yourself free of distractions.
  • 08:47 – Check out Click Coaching on motivationtomove.com. (It’s at the bottom of the website.) You can also watch the replay of Scott’s recent webinar at the top.
Podcast Perks – Listener reward program: make money while you shop.

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