I have a different Daily Nugget today.

I write and record a week in advance. Since I last reached out to you, all hell seems to have broken loose in America – and around the world.

Yes, it was on its way before. We all saw it coming. But its exponential speed tossed a lot of folks lives into disarray overnight.

Mine too.

Like many folks, I have a full life and run a small business. Other people are counting on my support. I also have the honor and responsibility of tens of thousands of people listening every day. I have not taken that lightly. Everybody has an opinion. I decided to wait until I had a plan.

Before I move on – let’s handle the bad news.

We are only the beginning. That’s enough to scare anybody.

What’s coming? What’s going to happen? Am I prepared? 

I don’t know. I don’t know. Yes.

You were born prepared. That’s who you are. A life with no challenges only means challenges are on the way. You have handled every problem you have ever faced. You will do it again.

By the way, that’s hard to see when life is getting in the way.

Now, the good news.

It’s a lot less scary when you realized that your response is just beginning too. Yes, right now you may be shell-shocked, a bundle of nerves, fill with anxiety and a lost feeling. Don’t worry. You won’t be that way for long.

I know that because we are emotional beings.

Eventually, you will begin to find seeds of logic that will calm you emotionally.

Eventually, a new, if temporary normal, will allow you to ground yourself – and find yourself.

Eventually, you will ask, “What CAN I do?”

Eventually, you will stand up, take a step, and repeat. 

It gets better.

What if you could make even better?

What if you stopped worrying about rebuilding what you had and focus on building something better?

What if you could change careers if you have always dreamed of something different?

What if, for the first time in years, you find yourself with time to think?

What if you found a way to use this massive interruption to invoke the power of creative destruction? What if you could build a life and lifestyle that you have been putting off for years?

It won’t be easy. It’s never easy to focus when all you want to be is distracted. But you will do it.

Remember, life usually begins right after life gets in the way. 

From this day forward, you and I will use the catalyst that we have all experienced to drive us to build a better world. For you, me, and for the common good.

From this day forward, let’s turn the Corona Virus the “Corona DRIVE US.”

We begin tomorrow.

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