Connecting Conversations

Today you are going to have opportunities to communicate.  Written or spoken.  In email, in person, on the phone. 

Here’s how to create connecting conversation every time:

1) Meet folks where they are. Pay attention to how their day is going.  Step into their NOW.

2) Doing that is as simple as establishing something in common.  “Wow! Has this day been crazy for you too?”

3) Establish an undeniable truth.  “I promise it’s going to get crazier with the holidays coming.”

4) Next, move toward an idea that everybody can agree. “Holidays are coming fast.  We should get ahead of it and do some planning.”   

5) Bring a new idea into the conversation. “I have a system I think will work for both of us.  Do you want to see it?” 

You will always get more of what you want when your communication with others moves everybody toward a common

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