Clarity is Playing at a Theatre Near You

Have you noticed we live in an age when what you hear and see is not necessarily what is happening?

It seems our shorter attention spans and social media have elevated attention-grabbing to the point where it overtakes clarity of message.

One of my mentors is Donald Miller, the creator of StoryBrand. He says, “if you make somebody burn too many calories to understand you, they will never understand you. They’ll move on to an easier choice.”

Another one of my mentors is my son, Austin. He’s a smart young man these days, but I remember when he was five years old and taught me a lesson about clarity – when Disney released a new movie.

Like most kids, Austin was excited and wouldn’t stop talking about it. One day I asked, in a very adult way, “Okay, where are we going to see this movie?” He answered, “At a theatre near you!”

Yes. His answer was correct for a five-year-old who didn’t need to worry about which theatre had the film. After all, that’s Dad’s job.

When your answer to questions creates more questions, everything takes longer to complete.

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