Are You in a Hypnotic State?

If you’ve been feeling upended these past few weeks, there might be a good reason.

In working with clients over the years, I recognized an interesting behavior. When our conversations began, their minds were drifting. They are listening but not paying attention. 

To get them to re-focus, I utilized a “Pattern Interruption” to alter their current state of mind. I could tell them a joke, ask a question, or give surprise news. Once delivered, their state of mind instantly shifts into neutral – for a split second. Hypnotherapists use this technique for trance induction.

The same thing happens throughout your day without you knowing. I even use it on my Daily Boost to keep your attention. 

It also happened – and is happening to you during our current crisis. Everybody is trying to figure out how to ground ourselves again.

What the solution?

Do everything you can to normalize the abnormal. Avoid pattern breaks by limiting your exposure to anything that will put you in pause mode. Choose your focus, make a plan, establish a routine, and stick with it.

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