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Sponsor The Daily Boost

Sponsor The Daily Boost

The Daily Boost is the most popular daily motivation podcast in the world with a loyal audience that counts on us to keep them moving every day.

Now in our 13th year, the Daily Boost has been continuously produced and distributed since 2006.

Yes, that makes us one of the longest running podcasts in history!

As an advertising platform, the Daily Boost reaches a highly-engaged and podcast-savvy audience five days a week.

Plus, since we’ve been around so long, our RSS feed is an established fixture on tens of thousands of listener devices.

Overall, our advertisers tend to be a mix of brands that are looking to connect with a consumer that seeks to improve their lives.

Most Downloaded in History

We have recorded over 26 million downloads since 2006.

We have produced over 3,250 + episodes. As a company, we’re over 9,000

Our average episode receives 50,000 + downloads in the first week or release.


Daily Boost's Motivated Listeners

If you’re looking for a 25-54 demographic that comes alive in the 35-54 - the Daily Boost is an excellent choice.

You can expect to reach a highly-educated consumer with an average income $75,000 to $125,000 per year.

They are 72% female - with lots of cool guys.

We also appeal to listeners who own their own homes and are raising families.

Overall, the Daily Boost has built a stable and consistent reputation as a reliable source of positive, upbeat, humorous, and very useful motivation and personal development strategies.

Our listeners love podcasts and are very responsive to anything endorsed by our host, Scott Smith.

We are always interested in new advertisers who have products and services that will directly benefit our audience. If you are interested in advertising on the Daily Boost, please visit our Contact page.