The Law of Forced Efficiency

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I have to admit; I can be a bit of a renegade when it comes to staying between the lines. However, when it come to certain things, I’m the best rule follower you’ve ever met. The Law of Efficiency is one rule I unconditionally respect. Simply put, there is never enough time to do everything; … Read More

Too Many Pathways Lead to None

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Have you decided what you’re going to be when you grow up? The possibilities are endless, yet it’s common to feel paralyzed by the over-abundance of pathways to success presented to us on a daily basis. So how do you choose a path, fuel your internal fire, and keep it burning while you make change … Read More

Busting a Habit in 21 Days… LIE!

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How many times have you heard it takes 21 days to create or break a habit? Probably about as many times as you’ve tried to make a change to your life, right? Creating a new lifestyle is nothing more than applying a different set of actions day-to-day. In doing so, you are forming a mental … Read More

Changing From The Outside In

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Do you feel a little bit like changing your identity and becoming a new person today? Great! I’ve got the perfect solution; get off your butt and MOVE! Your identity is the result of what you believe and value. It is who you are on the inside, and you have become that person after years … Read More

Who Else Want Boring Success?

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Brought to you by FreshBooks.  As a Daily Boost Premium Premium listener you can get Freshbooks for an entire month for FREE.  No credit card required.  Try Freshbooks TODAY! And so it begins, another week of nearly endless instant gratification opportunities lurking about to draw you off track and delay your success. Maybe it’s a good day to … Read More

Start Chasing Your Dreams

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Is the list of items you need to complete growing longer and longer? That’s the way the Universe works.  What you focus on expands.  I think it’s time that you stop concentrating on your to-do list items and start focusing on the big picture. Said another way, it’s time for you to stop chasing checkmarks … Read More

How To Stop Overwhelm

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I’ve heard that you worry too much. No, I’m not reading your mind.  It’s just how most folks have conditioned themselves to think after years of living. When you consider it, a little worry is necessary.  Heck, if you didn’t worry, would you ever pay your bills on time? The challenge is that 90% of … Read More

Thinking Into Doing

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There is one strategy I know that will always generate favorable results; knowing how to turn your thoughts into reality with massive action. However, I’ve always wondered why so many “good intended” people get stuck in neutral. Yes, intention requires that action is applied to bring about change. However, if you want to propel yourself … Read More